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How to track a stolen phone using Google

How to track a stolen phone using Google - There are several ways to track a lost or stolen Android phone using Google and without an application.

How to track a stolen phone using Google

No wonder if the cellphone is stolen, we will panic because a lot of important data is stored on the cellphone 

Even so, you can still track the whereabouts of a lost Android phone by taking advantage of services from Google.

Google provides a service to find lost Android phones, tablets, and Wear OS watches.

Quoting from Google Support, Android users can not only find but can also lock and delete lost phone data.

You can track a lost cellphone via the internet without the need to open a special application. How to? 

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Here's how to track a stolen phone using Google

1. Go to the site, then sign in to your Google Account.

2. Click on stolen phone if you have more than one phone.

3. Sign in with the Google Account on the main profile if your lost or stolen phone has more than one user profile.

4. A notification will appear on the phone that is missing from Google Play Services. Then the location information of your stolen Android phone will appear. 

If your phone is not found, you can view its last known location if it is available.

1. Go to a location and make your phone ring for 5 minutes non-stop.

2. Click "Play Sound" so that your lost phone can beep for 5 minutes even in silent mode.

3. Click "Secure Device". This feature can lock the phone, such as a PIN, Pattern, or password on the device you own.

4. Click "Erase Device". However, the data on the SD card may not be deleted and you won't be able to find it again.