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Raising chickens for eggs in your backyard

Raising chickens for eggs in your backyard - For chickens to grow up healthy, happy, and live long, let's follow how to raise chickens at home on this one!

Although not a popular pet, quite a lot of people are interested in raising chickens at home.

Not only to meet the needs of eating at home, chickens can also be cute and funny loving animals.

Just like any other pet, chickens must be cared for and well cared for in order to live a long life.

Come on, follow the correct way of raising chickens at home for a long life below!

Here's how to raise chickens for eggs in your backyard

1. Prepare a Large Area for Chickens

The first way to raise chicken eggs at home is to make sure your house is suitable for chickens to live in.

Chickens need a large area of ​​land to be able to live comfortably and happily in your home.

One area in the house that is suitable as a chicken coop is the backyard.

Provide an area of ​​1 m2 for the chicken coop plus a yard for the chickens to walk around.

2. Telling Neighbors

Chickens are noisy animals and emit a pungent odor from their droppings.

Therefore, be sure to tell your neighbors that you will be raising chickens.


This should be done so that you do not disturb your neighbors.

If the neighbors don't like noise, you can raise chickens.

Also make sure you have a chicken coop with a fence so the chickens don't wander into other people's yards.

3. Determine the type of chicken you want to keep

There are several types of chickens that are suitable for laying eggs for you to raise behind the house.

For those of you who want laying hens, you can raise Plymouth Rock, Rhode Island Red, or Leghorn.

For broilers, you can raise Faverolle or Brahma chickens.

There are also various other types of chickens that have their own appearance and advantages if you keep them at home.

Make sure you know what kind of care and feed you want for your breed of chicken before you start breeding.

4. Preparing the Chicken Coop

The next way to raise egg chickens at home is to prepare or buy a chicken coop to be kept at home.

You can buy a chicken coop for IDR 1-2 million in the market, depending on the size you want to buy.

If you want to build your own cage, make sure the cage has an area of ​​about 0.4 m2 with grass or mounds of earth.

Prepare a box for the chicken to lay eggs and add a straw to the bottom of the box.

Finally, cover the cage using a fence so that predators cannot enter the cage area.

5. Buy Chicken Farm Equipment

Next, provide the various equipment needed to raise chickens.

The various equipment needed include:

  • food and water containers
  • the right feed for chickens
  • extra base for the cage; and
  • heating lamp if you live in a cold climate.

6. Nutritional Supplements Chickens Need

How to care for laying hens behind the house, to stay healthy and live a long life is to supplement the chicken nutrition.

You can get chicken nutrition from food or chicken pellets.

There are three types of chicken food that you can give, namely:

  • high calcium feed for laying hens,
  • high protein pellets for fattening chicken, and
  • quality feed.
  • Also give a variety of vegetables, insects, seeds, or fruits to add nutrition to the chicken.

However, be sure not to give the chicken avocado, rhubarb, onions, garlic, potatoes, raw eggs, oranges, alcohol, and chocolate.

Also do not give the chicken salty food because it can make the chicken sick.

7. Chicken Care

Finally, take good care of the chickens so that the chickens can breed.

Provide chickens with clean and fresh water regularly, ensure freshness and hygiene of chicken food, and collect chicken eggs every day.

Also let the chickens out of the coop in the morning and into the coop at night and on rainy days.