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Squeaking noise while driving but not brakes applied

The cause of the squeaking sound when the car is driven but not braked is because a car that has been used for more than 2 years on a regular basis will undergo many changes. Some parts in it will experience a decrease in quality and even have to be replaced.

Squeaking noise while driving but not brakes applied

After 2 years of regular use, your car's brakes start to ring or squeak so that it interferes with driving. This will be very annoying when driving in the rain or in heavy traffic conditions that require you to brake frequently.

The brakes on the car are the part that regulates the speed when driving. Brakes are the key to safety and security while driving. Unfortunately, many car owners do not know the cause of the squeaking sound on their motorcycle, so they prefer to just leave it alone. Even though the squeaking sound on the brakes is a sign that something is wrong with the condition of the brake pads.

A squeaking sound in the brakes occurs because the brake pads may have a problem. There are several things that can make a car's brakes squeak, it can be from brake pads, drums, discs or discs.

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Here is the squeaking sound while driving but not hitting the brakes

1. Dirty Car Brake Pads

Through a dusty road will make dirt get into the sidelines of the brake pads. There can also be splashes of mud that enter when driving on wet roads due to rain. When crossing the road, dirt and dust slowly stick to the brake pads.

2. Brake lining starts to wear

Car brakes squeak also occurs due to frequent delays in replacing worn brake pads. The very slight friction of the brake lining metal or even wear with the discs causes a squeaking sound.

3. Chemical Liquid Contamination

A number of car drivers believe the use of brake fluid will improve brake performance. The brake fluid or oil used can cause the brake pads to burn and become slippery when braking.

4. Brake Pad Slip

The function of the brakes is to reduce the acceleration of the car. But if you keep pressing the brake lever continuously, the clutch lining material becomes hard so that the brakes become less grippy and make a sound.

5. Uneven Disc Brake

A squeaky sound when braking can also be caused by uneven discs caused by worn brake pads or being left on for a long time.

As an important component in a car, brakes can also be treated to make them more durable and long-lasting to use. The quality of durable brakes is actually based solely on the use of good brakes. When driving, try not to get your vehicle too close to other vehicles. This is to avoid using the brakes too often.