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Starter works but engine won't turn over

Starter works but engine won't turn over - Questions like the title above often arise when drivers try to tamper with a car that has trouble starting.

Starter works but engine won't turn over

This problem can be caused by several things. Examples such as a problematic starter dynamo, bad spark plugs, or various other problems that make the car unable to start.

Having this problem is sure to leave you confused. The car cannot be started so it is necessary to immediately get the best service. But before that, first know the various causes of this problem.

So what is the cause of this problem? To understand the problem of a car that is difficult to start when starting, you can refer to the information below.

Common Causes Starter works but engine won't start

Characteristics of this problem is the engine does not react when the ignition is turned to the `ON` position. After checking, the battery (battery) is fine. The connection and condition of the battery terminals are also good. The starter motor is not a problem.

If all these components are normal, do not forget to check the wiring on the starter system.

It could be, the tool that functions to conduct electricity is already starting to be fragile. Brittle wires will have different resistance values. As a result, the flow of electricity to the starter motor is blocked.

Automatically, the starter motor does not react when the ignition is turned repeatedly.​​​

Fragile is very likely to occur considering this cable is in the engine room which is often hot. Therefore, this case of brittle wires generally occurs in vehicles aged 5 years and over.

Motorists usually solve this problem by replacing the wiring in the starter system. Of course, with this replacement, the problem of the engine being difficult to start from the starter can be resolved.

If it is proven that the crux of the problem is in the wiring of the starter system, the engine will start easily when the ignition is turned to the 'ON' position.

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How to fix the starter works but the engine won't start

  1. Prepare cables and relays.
  2.  Remove Terminal 50 of the starter motor and connect it to Terminal 85 of the relay.
  3.  Connect Terminal 86 of the relay to the mass.
  4.  Connect the Terminal 30 relay with the battery (+).
  5.  Connect Terminal 87 of the relay to Terminal 50 of the starter motor.
  6. Technically, this additional relay is able to overcome the difficulty of starting because: the electric current that flows will be much greater.
  7. The electric current that comes out of the battery goes directly to the magnetic clutch. Due to the large current, the magnetic field generated by the magnetic coupling is getting bigger. This large magnetic field is what allows the starter motor to react.
  8. In addition, you can also check the starter dynamo, alternator, battery, to the gas pump. You can check all these sections yourself or use a professional service.
  9. Toyota car owners no longer need to be confused when there is damage to their car, whatever the type.


We recommend that you take your car to the nearest authorized repair shop where you live.

With highly experienced mechanics, your car will stay in top shape and last a long time.