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How to get live access on tiktok

How to Live TikTok – Today's social media applications vary. Not just one or two, there are many social media options that you can use on your smartphone. Each social media application has its own advantages and uniqueness. If you want to watch videos accompanied by music, try downloading and installing the TikTok app.

How to get live access on tiktok

This application is very famous and popular. Even the existing videos are often downloaded by users and uploaded through other social media applications they have. Through TikTok, apart from sharing your edited videos, you can also broadcast them live.

How to live on TikTok and what are the requirements, see this article until the end.

Terms and Conditions Live on TikTok

If you want to go live, not just on Instagram or Facebook. For TikTok users, it turns out that they can also do live through the application. But maybe some people rarely do it because they don't know. Because there is no clear live button there. For some TikTok content creators, live is a strange thing. It's just that they have to be skilled at it.

TikTok does contain unique and interesting short videos. That's why many people like to open this application. There are also various types of videos that you can find there. Ranging from funny to educational. Examples include health tips, cooking tips, or other tips that are educational and made by experts.

The live app on TikTok is also a means for content creators to interact directly with their fans. Even so, it turns out that there are several conditions that must be met before going live on TikTok. So, before knowing how to go live on TikTok, you have to fulfill these two conditions:

Those who want to live on TikTok are over the age of 16. Otherwise, you won't be able to live stream.

Has more than 1000 followers. If it's less than this, then you won't be able to go live either.

Well, the second condition that must be considered when you want to do a live broadcast on the TikTok application. The Live feature on TikTok will not appear if your account does not meet these two conditions. For that, you must add followers first so that the live feature can be used. If you meet these two conditions but still can't turn on, try updating the application.

Furthermore, in addition to the two conditions above that need to be met, there are other conditions that you must understand. The following conditions must be implemented so that various live content on TikTok does not cause problems. In a sense, the content can be accepted by the community. So while you can live stream, you can't just broadcast something live in this app.

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Well, what are the things that should not be displayed on TikTok, here is the list:

  • Broadcasting hateful content that attacks or targets specific groups or communities is prohibited.
  • Live broadcast content that contains terror and can disturb the comfort and safety of viewers.
  • Broadcasting pornographic or sexually explicit content is strictly prohibited.
  • Do not directly broadcast content that contains acts of violence, both against humans and animals.
  • Don't broadcast content that contains murder
  • Do not display content that contains immoral behavior or acts against minors.
  • It is forbidden to display cybercrime content, both fraud and money sales.
  • It is forbidden to broadcast broadcasts containing kidnapping and extortion.
  • Do not broadcast live broadcasts containing drug use or trafficking
  • Content about trafficking in humans or human organs is not allowed.
  • Broadcasting live broadcasts containing self-harm is strictly prohibited.

Actually, the TikTok application provides a feature in the form of a 15-second video with a variety of background music. Of course, this simple concept makes users more creative.

Even some content creators, brands or brand owners, celebrities, influencers and others also often make videos for business purposes and the results are viral on social media. Some people who like videos on TikTok also usually share them on other social media, such as Instagram or Facebook. Here are the steps if you want to go live on TikTok:

Here is a of  how to get live access on tiktok

1. Open the TikTok app

The first step, of course, is to open the application on the cellphone. Then check if there are 1000 followers or not. If so, then the conditions of life have been fulfilled. Then look at the page below, there is a '+' button or create, click that button.

2. Open the direct section of the app

After that, you can search for the live button. Click then write the title of the live performance. Make sure that the title is listed immediately, so that people who get your direct notification are interested in seeing it.

3. Press the Go button

Finally, to start the live broadcast, simply click the Go Live button. Then all you have to do is enjoy the live broadcast. If you want to perform some commands while live, just click the three dots above. There will appear flipping the camera, filter comments, add effects, or other commands.

4. End by pressing X

If you've done a live, then to finish it just click the X icon on the screen. Once the sign is clicked, TikTok will stop recording for live broadcasts. You can stream up to about 8 hours. The video will later be saved in the feed, so those who haven't seen it and want to watch it later can see it.

How to go live with Friends on TikTok

TikTok contains short and interesting videos. To be dark, a lot of content and not monotonous, so that people do not get bored to open the application. Besides being able to broadcast live or live individually, it turns out that you can also live with friends. Here's how you can live with friends:

  1. Login to your respective TikTok accounts
  2. close the '+' icon or Create button.
  3. Select the Live option or the option at the bottom of the screen Press the Go Live button to start the live broadcast.
  4. If you want to live together, click the icon in the lower left corner
  5. Then a window will appear about the list of hosts
  6. Then click the Invite button if you want to invite

The user or people you invite will be notified immediately and if they accept, a co-broadcast can take place. However, if the party you invite refuses, the co-broadcast will not work.

Besides being able to invite friends to live together, you can also ask to join other people's live broadcasts. it's also difficult. when viewing the live broadcast, in the comments section there will be a button in the form of a smiling face prayer. If you want to request to join the live broadcast, double-click the smiley face.

If so, a request to join will be sent immediately. Later the party there or the host will choose, accept the request or reject it. If your request is accepted, the live broadcast screen will be divided into two, and you can broadcast live together. Otherwise, it means that your request to join was immediately rejected.

Tips to Pay Attention to When Going Live on TikTok

The audio-visual concept provided and the effects that can be chosen by yourself make many people prefer to watch videos on TikTok.

According to statistics from Data Report, TikTok has 689 million active users. A total of 53% of users are male, while 47% are female. All users of course already know that they can do live. For those of you who want to know what tips are live on TikTok:

1. Best time for live broadcast

The first tip, so that your live is successful and watched by many people, find the right time. This means within hours for app users to relax while surfing TikTok.

Because you know the time, you have more opportunities to watch live. Especially if your content is live content that is educational and informative. The more people watching, the more fun. 

Usually TikTok will suggest going live during prime time. However, the audience is also important to note. So as a content creator you also have to pay attention to each audience, including when they open the app and view videos.

Even as a content creator, you should have your own schedule for doing live broadcasts. Adjust the time in your followers free hours. That way the audience will also be more. Because as a fan, you will definitely memorize the broadcast schedule without having to see notifications from your broadcast.

2. Pay attention to the broadcast duration

Live broadcast time is also important to note. Don't be too long or too short. If it's too close, it will certainly disappoint viewers who have more expectations of live broadcasts. But if it's too long, the audience will get bored. In terms of life time, TikTok suggests around 30 minutes.

3. Pay attention to internet connection

The third thing that is not less important is the connection from the internet. Everyone is certainly not happy if the display is disturbed by buffering. Sudden bad signal can hinder your live broadcast. Therefore, make sure the signal or internet connection is good and stable. Because if not, the audience will feel bored if the videos they watch are intermittent.

4. Content from live broadcast

Fourth, there is content or content when it is live. This is actually the most important. Because if your broadcast quality is poor, no one will want to watch it. First, make sure your target audience likes the content you want to present. That way, when they see a notification directly from your TikTok, they'll be excited to watch it.

Before the live takes place, look for an interesting theme. Also think about the concept of life that will be run. Don't forget to invite the audience to interact during the live. So they feel cared for and don't get bored easily just by watching you talk. invite them to answer questions or express their opinions. Likes to be more active in reading comments that appear and responding to them.

5. Actively uploading videos

Before going live, first look at the content that has been created. It would be better if before the live broadcast, you have created and uploaded a video. So that your followers on TikTok are also aggressively viewing your videos.

That way, when talking about the previous video, viewers still remember and are interested in discussing it. This will also affect the number of viewers. Because when it's live, and short videos that have been uploaded previously pass in the FYP of TikTok users, a special icon will appear that can take them to directly watch the ongoing broadcast.

6. Pay attention to audio and lighting

When live is also very important to pay attention to the audio and visuals. Audio here means that you have to make sure the sound is clear and uninterrupted. Try to stay in a quiet and quiet place. Do not let your voice be obscured or lost due to vehicle noise or other noise disturbances.

Some Creative Ideas for TikTok Live Content
For some people, the number of live viewers will greatly affect their motivation to create live content. The more enthusiastic the audience, of course you also want to be able to show a good live.