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How to charge a Samsung Galaxy tablet without a charger

How to charge a Samsung Galaxy tablet without a charger - if your Samsung tablet won't charge, it doesn't mean your tablet has a problem, so don't jump to conclusions.

How to charge a Samsung Galaxy tablet without a charger

To fix it is quite simple. This is what might be causing your tablet not to charge properly.

Here's How to charge a Samsung Galaxy tablet without a charger

The first thing to check is whether your Samsung tablet is not charging at all, or just charging slowly.

If your tablet charges briefly and then stops, it's most likely a connection problem. This could be because of the cable you're using, and the chances are far greater than a problem with your actual device.

And if your tablet is charging slowly, chances are you're not using the original charger for the device.

If you don't use the original cord and wall charger, chances are the amperage isn't providing enough power.

When you use a charger with a lower amperage, it can cause your device to charge much slower than if you were using the original one. Try and find a charger with the same or more as the original in case you lose it.

2. Start by resetting the Samsung Galaxy tablet your device

If you are unable to charge your Samsung tablet, then the first thing you will want to do is perform a soft reset. This is not a full reset of your tablet, and you don't have to worry about your data and apps being deleted.

You can usually reset the device by simply holding down the power button and the home button at the same time.

Slightly different if your home button is not working. If you want to know how you can reset your device even without the power button, check out this guide that talks about how to reset a Samsung tablet.

Anyway, for this particular example, we will be resetting our device by holding down the power and home buttons for half a minute. While you're doing this, plug your tablet into its charger as usual. 

After a certain period of time, the tablet will turn on. I think it will probably not work for newer models like Samsung Galaxy S7, it will work for older Samsung tablets.

3. Try another charger and cable

While it is true that the problem may be with your tablet, it could also be a problem elsewhere. If you are using an older model, then over time, the charger you are using may have run its course.

Trying out your tablet with a new charger is a good idea, especially if you're using a charger that didn't come with the tablet itself. Both the power adapter and the car charger are very temperamental.

Since we have so many devices around our house, we often use different chargers assuming they can function the same. While usually this is fine, sometimes it may not work.

You should also consider turning off any cables you use as well. Cables are one of the easiest things for you to replace, and you don't have to spend a fortune to get a new USB cable online. This may be the root cause of the problem if there is actually nothing wrong with the tablet itself.