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How to charge your tablet in 10 seconds

How to charge your tablet in 10 seconds - here are simple tips that you can use to charge your tablet/smartphone in just 10 seconds.

How to charge your tablet in 10 seconds

Charging your phone and tablet is a daily routine task. You have to keep your phone charging, otherwise it will turn off any time when you don't have a charging port available nearby.

Busy people, such as students, managers, busy mothers, and businessmen may face many problems because they often forget to charge their cellphones when they are at home and only find out when they are about to leave the house. Now what? You will exit and you will see that your phone battery is only 10 percent left.

If you wear it to make sure it has enough charge throughout the day, you may have to wait a few minutes or about half an hour and there's nothing you can do about it.

Most people find a way out by keeping a spare cell phone. But you will be charged more, will be a bit busy to bring both, etc. And when you're not charging one phone, why do you have enough time to charge both.

Here's an easy way to charge your tablet/phone in 10 seconds


Take a piece of cable and start connecting it to your smart tablet. Make sure you wrap it around the tablet properly so that it covers the entire surface of the phone. Now the internal part is ready.


The next thing is to wrap the wire-covered phone in aluminum foil. Make sure all sides are covered except the top or the front end where the charging cable will be plugged. This will result in a case where you can easily take out or insert the phone.


Now make sure you put your smart tablet in the aluminum foil case, plug in the charging cable and let the phone charge. Wait 10 seconds and now you can unplug the charger.

That is it! now your tablet will have about 80-90 percent more juice in it to keep your phone running all day long.

This is a simple way to charge your tablet. Due to the fact that aluminum foil is a great conductor and will draw a charge faster and allow you to charge your phone in seconds.


You just need to carry this simple tool to charge your smart tablet in just 10 seconds. It is perfect for busy people who like to do fast tasks in a smart way.