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How to fix car headlights

how to fix car headlights - In general, there are various problems with car headlights. For example, the headlamp turns off, the new headlamp turns on if it is far away, the headlamp turns off if it is far away, the headlamp dies quickly, burns out and so on.

How to fix car headlights

Car lights are a very important component, especially at night. What if the car headlights are off, how to fix it?

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There are several ways to find out the cause of damaged car headlights and how to fix them, including:

1. bulb off

The first cause is caused by several factors including, when installing the wrong bulb.

The bulb on the glass must be sterile from oil or dirt, aka must not be touched by hands. So if you want to replace it yourself, make sure the glass is protected.

The next cause of a dead bulb is the quality of the bulb itself.

Car headlights that have high quality will usually last a long time. However, if you do the math, it's better to use a quality bulb, rather than buying a cheaper KW alternating bulb.

The cause of the next explosion is the size of the power that does not match the specifications of the car or vehicle. For example, if your car uses 55/60W of power then replace the bulb with the same specifications.

2. fuse blown

A blown fuse or fuse has a variety of causes. Blown fuses are generally caused by an electrical short circuit, namely when the cable in the load is short-circuited, it is this fuse that functions for the electrical system to prevent fires or other system disturbances.

There are several causes of a blown fuse, namely; the lamp used exceeds the power specifications without increasing the relay set, the fuse is replaced with a smaller size, and the last one is an electrical short.

Before replacing a blown fuse, make sure there is no short circuit, or if there is, repair it immediately before replacing the fuse. If you have an emergency, you can use the backup provided in the relay box.

So how do you go about using the bigger lights? Namely by installing a set of relays. Relay set is an additional main lamp that functions as a switch to turn on and off lamps that have higher power than standard lamps.

Now this relay set takes a trigger from a standard light socket to adjust the light. If you want to install a relay, of course, you have to buy a quality one to make it durable, and usually relay sets have an additional fuse for greater power.

3. Loose or dirty socket

Loose or dirty sockets can cause the main light to turn off or dim. Why is that? Loose sockets will increase the resistance of the conductors because the flow is blocked and causes the main light to go out.

The cause of loose or dirty sockets is a rusty socket, or oxidation caused by air, usually this happens because the headlamp socket cover is not installed properly which causes the socket to become dirty.

4. Melt switch

Usually we can feel it when we operate it. The melted switch feels drag when operating it. For this symptom, please check at your trusted repair shop.

5. Relay off

The way to know the relay is off is to hold the relay by pressing the main pushbutton and make sure that when operating the relay button it will click, and feel a slight shock in the relay.

If this does not happen then it can be caused by 3 things such as a broken switch, broken cable, dead relay. Now if you want to make sure the relay is off, please exchange the relay with the same relay, then repeat the initial steps.

And if the relay clicks, it could be that the previous relay did not work. The next step is to buy a new relay and replace it.

So, those are some of the causes of dead car headlights and how to overcome them. The above method can be done yourself at home, but to be safer it can be done in a trusted workshop.