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How to fix a car that won't start and the solution

Have you ever started your car but it won't turn on? This of course creates its own problems for car owners, especially if you have to drive a car immediately because time is urgent and in a hurry. It turns out that there are quite a number of factors that make the car difficult to start. One of them is the battery

How to fix a car that won't start and the solution

A worn and damaged car battery will certainly make the car's performance worse and make the car difficult to start. However, apart from the battery which is the biggest reason why the car is difficult to start, several other factors can also trigger the car to start.

Below are some of the reasons why the car starts, especially in the morning. Listen and read carefully, come on guys!

A car that is difficult to start will certainly cause panic in itself, especially if you are in a difficult situation such as in the middle of a lonely road or traveling at night. While there are some that can handle something like this with ease, it's not uncommon for drivers to have trouble finding a solution to this problem.

Here are some of the causes of difficult cars to live, including:

1. Car spark plug problem

Damaged or dirty spark plugs can hinder the working process of the starter system. Check the cleanliness of the business by wiping and wiping with a clean cloth. In addition to being dirty, damaged spark plugs also need to be replaced so that the car's performance remains good and easy to start.

2. Dynamo Ampere

Dynamo amperage, or another term alternator, is one of the important components in a car that functions as a flow path from electricity to the battery. A damaged alternator will certainly make it difficult for the car to start, even though the battery is in good condition and not damaged. Do it regularly to see if there are any repairs on the alternator before it's too late.

3. Running out of fuel

The classic cause of a hard starting car is because the gas is empty or runs out. Don't forget to always check the car's fuel volume and immediately refuel if the tea runs out, so that the car can be started perfectly and the trip goes smoothly.

4. Fuel Line Leak

Another thing that makes it difficult for the car is a leaky fuel line which can cause gasoline to not come out of the injectors due to strong fuel pressure. Fuel line leaks will cause high fuel pressure not to meet normal pressures in general.

If the car stops suddenly and is difficult to start, do a check under the car and see if there is a drip of gasoline. If there is, the fuel line is most likely leaking and seek immediate help for patching at the leak site.

5. An error occurred in the Emobilizer Key

An emobilizer lock is a car lock system that uses radio waves. If the waves obtained are not suitable, then this will cause the car cannot be started.

After knowing some of the causes of the car breaking down, here are some tips that you should know to overcome them.

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Here's how to fix a car that won't start and the solution

Make sure the car is full of fuel:

Full fuel will reduce the possibility of the car stopping suddenly, especially when in an impossible situation. perform regular refueling without waiting for the fuel tank to be too empty this can cause the car to be difficult to start.

Check the car's fuel flow system:

Make sure there are no leaks from several sides. Leaking fuel flow is very dangerous and can cause the car to not start. If a leak occurs, immediately patch the leak so that the car can be used again.

Perform regular car repairs and maintenance at authorized workshops:

To find out early if there is damage to the machine and it can be replaced before it is too late.

Periodically check the quality of engine parts that can make it difficult to start the car, such as spark plugs, batteries, and alternators or amperage dynamos.

If the gas pump stops working, try a few small strokes to get the gas pump working again. However, if there is no result, replace it immediately so that the gas pump can return to normal work and the car can run perfectly as expected.