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How to remove car headlight cover

How to remove car headlight cover - maybe you've experienced our car's headlights suddenly breaking and turning off when it was midnight and no repair shop was open, fortunately there was a spare light, but how do I replace it?

How to remove car headlight cover

Here is step by step removing car headlight cover

1.Open the hood and attach it to the hood stick to make sure the wand supports it properly for safety.

2. Carefully remove the lamp socket while holding the center.

3. Open the rubber lamp cover.

4. Remove the bulb holder cable by pressing both sides.

5. Remove the bulb from the holder and replace it with a new one (Make sure the glass bulb is not touched as it will cause the bulb to break quickly and make sure the bulb is installed properly )

6. Fixed lamp cover with rubber cover

7. Install the socket on the lamp cover H-4.

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In carrying out all these processes, you definitely need a flashlight and make sure the engine is cold to prevent injury if it accidentally touches the engine body.

How? It is not easy to remove the car headlight cover and put it back on. Do it slowly and do not rush in doing the steps.

If you are unsure or hesitant to perform the steps as described, you can take it to a repair shop and have a close look at how it works.

After that, my friend can do it yourself at home by practicing the steps that have been seen in the workshop.