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How to replace a car engine step by step

How to replace a car engine step by step - While there are many mechanics and repair shops available, you can replace your car engine yourself at home.

Before starting a car engine replacement, it's important to ensure that the tools, bolts, drain tub, and possibly spare parts storage box are removed until you install them.

How to replace a car engine step by step

Make sure all the necessary tools are available so changing the machine will be much easier.

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Here is How to replace a car engine step by step

1. The first step is to isolate your machine from spare parts and connected cables.

2. Remove the hood and front bumper from the car

3. Removing the hood and bumper will give you ample room to move when removing other components.

4. To remove the hood, find the screw and carefully unscrew it.

5. After lifting the hood, and removing the bumper, place it in a safe place so that it will not be scratched or damaged.

6. Put the screws back in the car so they are not misplaced.

7. Drain fluid from the engine and radiator which contains a lot of fluids needed by the main car, including engine oil and coolant.

8. Wait until the engine oil and coolant are completely drained from the engine before continuing.

9. The next step is to remove the exhaust pipe, inlet, and cooling line.

10. Be sure to remove the battery before you start disconnecting to avoid a short circuit.

11. Removing the engine mount from the transmission is the final step in separating the engine from the system. So, to remove the engine, you have to remove the engine from the chassis and transmission.

12. Remove the old engine from the car, After you install the engine jack, you can attach the engine to the crane to pull it out.

13. Be sure to do it carefully and slowly. Also, make sure that the engine is not connected to the car when removing or it may damage the engine permanently.

14. Once the crane is installed, you can lift the machine up and make room for a new one.

15. Install the new engine in the car Install the new engine in the car, with the help of a crane and Once installed, connect all the parts as before.

16. Make sure to connect all bolts, wires, pipes and batteries exactly as before.

17. After all bolts and connections are installed, change the oil. Your new machine is ready to use.

18. Complete the process by reinstalling the bumper and hood. Start the new engine and let it run for a while before exiting.