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5 Causes of Suddenly Cracked Car Windshield

Windshield cracks - Just like any other car component, the windshield can experience problems such as cracking without any cause.

5 Causes of Suddenly Cracked Car Windshield

Maybe you just realized, if the windshield of the car can be broken or cracked due to a traffic accident, crushed by rocks, debris, to tree branches. But in fact, car windshields can crack suddenly and without us knowing it.

Here are 5 Causes of the Windshield Cracking Suddenly

1. Temperature Change

Yes, temperature changes are a major factor why windshields can experience problems, from expanding to cracking or breaking.

As is known, the portion of the windshield to dissipate heat varies at different speeds. The middle section is considered the fastest, while the middle section is very slow.

Because of this inconsistency, glass can expand and contract at different rates.

While the train can be triggered by washing the car with cold water while it is still hot. Or you can try defrosting a cold windshield with hot air.

While the use of a defroster or car heater also does not prevent the windshield from cracking.

2. Experiencing Pressure

Changes in pressure can cause the windshield to crack. For example, if suddenly there is a storm and strong winds, or the windshield is being loaded heavily.

If the above keeps happening then chances are the glass is not strong enough to withstand, so cracks are starting to appear on the edges of your windshield, this may not be immediately apparent so the cracks can cause shaking for a few days. later.

3. Sunshine

Exposure to sunlight can indeed make some materials expand. Well, if exposed to sunlight, cracks can appear. Therefore, keep the car in the shade.

4. Production Defect

Other factors that make the windshield damaged can also occur due to manufacturing defects. Just like other car components, glass can also experience manufacturing defects due to problems during the manufacturing process.

5. Bad Installation

Broken car glass can also be caused by experiencing problems when the installation is not perfect. Although this is rare, if there is an imperfect installation, usually the glass is loose or vibration occurs, so that if there is pressure it will crack.

That's a review of the causes of cracked car windshields, hopefully it can help you all.