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5 How to find a lost debit card in your house

How to Find a Lost Debit Card at Home – In this day and age, a credit card has become a necessity for almost everyone. The ease of buying goods with a payment system in the future makes people try to have them. 

5 How to find a lost debit card in your house

But we must always be aware of the worst that could happen, right? That is, the credit card is lost. Stolen, dropped, or other misfortune don't know when it could happen to you. For those who have experienced it, of course, really understand how it feels to panic. Don't be afraid to be careful mate! Because this article will explain the steps to take if your credit card is lost.

Here are 5 Ways to Find a Lost Debit Card in Your Home

1. Try to remember the last time you used a debit card

Before panicking, try to remember when the credit card was last used. Make the details, if you can reach an hourly estimate. If you're not sure, try to remember the last time you saw or used your Lost Home Debit Card. Confirm to where you lost the card. If you can't remember or find it, do step two right away.

2. Report to the bank about the lost debit card

Immediately report it to your credit card issuing bank. Don't delay, do it as soon as possible. Ask for help rejecting any kind of transaction, in other words blocking your Lost Home Debit Card credit card. The bank will ask for some information about the credit card holder, such as credit card number, validity period, and so on. Do not take it wrong. Try to make sure if the transaction occurs after the time your credit card is lost.

3. Report to Police about Debit Card Lost in Your Home

After reporting to the bank, immediately report it to the police. The point is to get proof of credit card loss. Because the bank usually asks for a letter of loss from the police station regarding the Debit Card Lost in Your Home. It's easy, just come to the police station in your domicile area. The sooner the better, so that the credit card can be replaced immediately. Remember, you cannot be represented.

After the police provide the certificate of loss, photocopy it so you have a backup. Then go to the credit card bank that you have previously contacted, and meet customer service to ask for a new credit card to be replaced and activated. The process is usually not long, approximately one hour.

4. Close Old Credit/Debit Cards

After that, ask the bank to close your old lost credit card. To prevent unwanted transactions on credit cards, you must remember the date the card was lost until the credit card was officially closed.

If you have a PayPal account, delete the account, and create a new account with information about your Lost Home Debit Card. The point is to prevent transactions, both bills and income, from coming to old credit card numbers.

5. Request a New Credit/Debit Card

After the old credit card is closed, ask the card issuing bank to issue a new credit card. Usually the bank will verify your personal data and issue a new card. Pay attention to what documents you have to submit to speed up the process.

So, if you have a new credit card and the old one is definitely blocked, remember to be more careful in storing credit cards in the future so you don't lose your Debit Card at home. Always have a record of all the information about your credit card to make it easier if it is lost. Also pay attention to bank numbers, houses, and of course credit card numbers.