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5 types of dribbling in basketball

Once you are good at recognizing and holding a basketball, the next step in playing basketball is dribbling. This is one of the main things in playing basketball.

5 types of dribbling in basketball

In general, players who are in point guard positions must have excellent dribbling skills or abilities, because these players often carry basketballs and set the rhythm of the game. However, in the game of basketball, this technique is something that all basketball players must master.

There are several ways or types of dribbling in basketball. All have advantages and disadvantages. And, for sure all players have a comfortable way of dribbling to do. Here are 5 of them that you should know, especially for beginners. Come on, look!

The following are 5 types of dribbling in basketball

1. Changes in dribbling speed

This dribbling is the most common in basketball and is usually used to make defenders think that dribbling will slow or speed up the dribbling tempo.

2. Dribbling low or controlling

This is a dribbling technique performed by bending the body very low. The bounce of the ball is also very short. This technique is very useful for avoiding theft of the ball by opposing players, especially when dealing with taller players.

3. Dribble at high speed or fast

When a player is on an open field and needs to move quickly with the ball, he will use this dribble. When running fast, the player will push the ball in front of him and let it soar to hip height. The hand that dribbles is not above the ball, but behind the ball.

4. Cross dribbling

That is dribbling by moving the ball from one hand to the other. This move is good for outwitting defenders. But the ball can be stolen if not done well, because the ball is not guarded.

5. Behind dribbling

This type of dribble is used when a player changes direction to be free from a defender. The ball is moved from one side of the body to the other by swinging it behind the body.