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6 types of passing in basketball

The definition of basketball passing is a passing or passing technique that must be mastered by every basketball player. This is because passing is one of the basic techniques found in basketball.

6 types of passing in basketball

Passing is one of the terms in the game of basketball which has an important role to support strategy in the game, especially in accuracy of passes. The strategy given by the coach will not work well, if the player has not been able to pass / pass the ball perfectly.

Therefore, on this occasion we will thoroughly discuss various kinds of passing techniques in the game of basketball. Listen carefully, yes, so you can understand and practice it.

The various basketball passing techniques are as follows:

  • baseball tickets
  • Behind Feedback
  • Bouncing Bait
  • chest surgery
  • Hand off Pass
  • hook match
  • Underhand pass
  • One Hand Push/Must Pass
  • Overhead Ticket

Well, that's the kinds of passing in the game of basketball that you can know. Next, we will discuss one by one the understanding and how to do passing in a basketball game complete with the steps below.

Here are 6 types of passing in basketball

1. Baseball Bait

The basketball passing technique is a basketball passing technique used to feed the ball to teammates over long distances.

By mastering the baseball pass technique well, we can use it to run a direct counterattack strategy to attack directly.

The question is, how to do baseball passing technique in basketball game? Okay, just look at the explanation below.

Here are the steps in passing basketball using the baseball pass technique:

First, adjust the position first with the position of one foot slightly forward, both left and right feet.

Use one hand to hold the ball in the part of the hand that is not used to pass the ball in the starting stance.

Then position the body weight back and do a square with the position of both hands directed behind the right or left shoulder as intended.

Before making a throw, use your main hand to swing the ball from back to front up.

The best time to release the ball is when your hands are straight in front of you.

2. Behind Feedback

Behind Pass Basketball is a basketball passing technique that passes the ball in a unique way, namely by passing the ball from behind. The passing technique in this basketball game is interesting to learn.

Maybe this type of passing is not easy for every player, but it takes a lot of flying hours in practice to be able to do it perfectly. The things that must be considered in doing a basketball back pass are as follows.

How to do the back pass technique in basketball games:

Basketball holds the ball in one hand with the right hand behind it.

do it quickly when passing the ball to a teammate.

Before that, pay attention to your partner first until they are ready to accept the bait.

The release time gives the freedom to determine the success of the technique behind this feedback.

Of course, you'll have to practice a lot with your partner to get that chemistry, so you can make a good back pass.

3. Bouncing Bait

Bounce pass is a basketball passing technique by bouncing before a friend receives the bait. The bounce pass technique is to pass the ball by bouncing it to the floor at the bounce point 2/3 the distance between us and our friends.

The bounce pass technique is very suitable for use when the target makes a backdoor cut and when the player is trapped, making it easier to find the passing line. So, how to do a bouncing pass in a basketball game.

How to pass a basketball with a bounce pass technique is as follows:

The starting position in the bounce pass technique is to hold the ball with both hands at chest level.

Monitor the position of the direction of the ball to be reflected to teammates.

If blocked by an opponent who is guarding tight, find an opening to perform the operation by looking to the right or left of the opponent.

throwing using both hands by pushing the ball down with a distance of about 1/3 to a teammate who will receive the ball.

4. Chest Pass

Chest pass is a technique of passing the ball from the front, more precisely in front of the chest. Passing this type of basketball is very effective when in a free state without an escort from the opponent.

The advantage of the chest pass is that it is a faster and more powerful pass to reach friends. Very suitable for teams with fast passing types.

How to do a basketball chest pass is as follows:

The initial attitude of doing a chest pass is the same as a bounce pass, which is to hold the ball at chest level.

Find the target teammates who will be the recipients.

Spread your legs slightly wide to take a forward stance.

do the pass straight ahead in line with the chest and adjust the push to the distance of the ball receiver.

Make sure the throw fits the target and the timing is right.

5. Hand off Pass

Hand off Pass is a basketball passing technique that is directly given to the receiving friend without throwing it.

Hand off basketball passing is a great technique to use when you're no longer dribbling or are under heavy guard against opposing defenders.

In the hand off pass technique, your player or friend will meet the ball you are holding, when you do a hand off pass, you and your friend must use the pick and roll technique.

The thing to pay attention to is when you don't give your opponent space to take the ball you are holding, until your friend can take it.

How to pass a basketball with the Hand off Pass technique is as follows:

First take a position with your back to the opponent who is guarding you.

When your friend runs from the left, then the left foot takes a step forward to cover the gap.

The position of the ball that you carry must be under your hand so that it is easily picked up by your friend.

6. Bait Hook

Hook pass is a passing technique that uses one hand. Usually preceded by a jump and aiming 90° from the direction the thrower is running.

The advantage of the hook pass is when the defender has high reach. Not only that, the hook pass can also direct fast attacks, even in running without making a quick stop to a triple threat position.

The steps for performing the Hand off Pass technique in basketball games are as follows:

First you and your friends must both do the drive or transition.

Then place the ball near your shoulder and ear.

Then pick up the ball and make an accurate throw or pass to your teammates.