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Benefits of having 2 credit cards

Advantages of Having 2 Credit Cards => Although credit cards provide many conveniences and advantages, in fact there are still many people who are afraid to have one. This can not be separated from debt arising from credit cards.

Benefits of having 2 credit cards

Instead of being in debt, it's better not to have a credit card at all. It actually makes sense, but it's a shame if you don't use this magic card.

Especially in the modern era like now where everything is practical. Let alone transactions, eating is also very practical.

Are you sure you still want to deny the existence of a credit card? The following is proof that having more than one credit card is more profitable.

Here are the advantages of having 2 credit cards at once

1. Get Discount Items

For those who like shopping, it's a shame to miss out on various attractive discounts. In addition to getting the main discount provided by the store or merchant, there are additional discounts from credit cards.

The total discount obtained is not kidding because the amount can reach 70 percent at once. Just imagine how much rupiah you save when shopping using a credit card.

This is still a one time purchase. If you regularly shop for your daily needs, of course it will save you a lot of money, right?

This discount can be obtained from merchants or stores that work with credit card issuing banks. So, for those who like shopping, try looking for a credit card that is specifically intended for shopping.

2. Eat Good at Low Prices

For those who have a culinary hobby, please use a credit card to cultivate this hobby. You can hunt for the latest culinary at a fairly affordable price. However, with conditions, all bills must be paid using a credit card.

Some banks often offer food promos at low prices, which of course will not drain the pocket. Usually the promos offered vary, ranging from buy one get one to purchases with reward points.

3. Easy Itinerary

Traveling does cost a lot of money. You need to save several months or years to raise money. But now, there are credit cards that are ready to cover some of the costs of travel, such as airline tickets or lodging.

Fulfillment of these costs is of course not in cash, but in the form of discounted prices with a certain percentage. When you think about it, it's actually pretty good, especially when you're traveling abroad.

Even though you have a credit card, you still have to prepare cash too, for example for travel insurance costs, taking care of passports, visas and so on. So, traveling plans are not just memories.

4. Lots of Interesting 'Gift' Programs

This is the advantage that can be obtained for free when transacting using a credit card. The more transactions made, the greater the opportunity to enjoy the rewards provided by the issuing bank.

The rewards given are very varied, can be in the form of shopping vouchers, discounts, and so on. However, this reward program has a time limit so claims must be within the specified time limit.

One more thing, reward points are only valid for one year. After that, the points will expire or expire. Check the expiration date of the points as often as possible to maximize their functionality later.

5. Opportunity to Get Attractive Door Prizes

At certain times, the bank also often distributes attractive door prizes to customers. This surprise gift is of course very diverse, depending on the policy of each bank.

As a customer, you are entitled to a raffle number to win this door prize. Very profitable isn't it? Just imagine if you do not have a credit card or are not registered as an active customer, then you will not be able to get this attractive offer.

Therefore, use a credit card as often as possible to increase your chances of getting attractive door prizes. But use controls to prevent credit card bills from piling up.

6. Can Get Various Benefits

In addition to making it easier when traveling, credit cards also make culinary or shopping easier and more practical, as well as economical. Regarding discounts, you don't need to worry because the bank has set a percentage for all your needs.