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blocked crankcase breather symptoms

Be careful for those who like to remove the filter box because there is usually a breathing tube connected to the engine because it can cause the engine crankcase breathing symptom to become clogged.

blocked crankcase breather symptoms

For engine breathing hoses, most of the old motors are abandoned, but if we look at today's engines, most of the hoses go into the air filter box.

The breathing hose on the machine functions so that there is no pressure in the engine room, aka so that it is not vacuumed because the temperature inside the engine is so hot, so this hose becomes a place for air circulation in the engine. And another function as an engine coolant means cooling when hot air from inside the engine exits is channeled into the filter box chamber.

Breathing hose holes are usually in three places, first above the crankcase to the bottom of the engine, then above the crankcase to the air filter box and from the hood or cylinder head to the air filter box.

Then specifically for automatic motorcycles, there is an additional breathing hose in the rear gearbox, usually beside the rear wheel there is a small hose for the air filter box or to the CVT.

What if the crankcase breathing symptom is clogged?

The effect is that the seal in the crankcase or engine will leak, even if this leak is usually compact, everything will leak, because they are unable to withstand too strong pressure in the engine room due to clogged hoses.

Then another effect is that the engine temperature will heat up quickly, as a result the engine will overheat and engine performance will be disrupted.

Then the engine breather hose also breaks or leaks, even if it is accidentally removed… also dangerous, because if this hose is broken or even removed, water will easily enter the engine compartment causing the oil to become cloudy. because it mixes with the engine.

This also happens to the CVT gearbox, the breathing hose on the gearbox breaks more often so that water can easily enter the CVT gearbox. The effect is that the gearbox oil will be like milk and the sound in the gearbox/CVT will be loud.

For bikers who like modifications, usually the part that is replaced most often is the air filter, not just the filter, but the whole and the box.