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Credit card declined What to do

Credit card declined What to do - Stay calm, especially when the credit card suddenly gets an error when it is about to be used for a transaction. It's good to know some of the reasons why credit card transactions are declined. Check out the following review!

Credit card declined What to do

Credit cards have been used by many people, ranging from business people, employees and even students. This is because a credit card is a very easy transaction tool, you only need to swipe, enter a PIN, so you can immediately take the groceries home. Plus, credit cards often hold promos, ranging from discounts, cashback, points and so on.

No wonder, if today not a few people who apply for credit cards to meet their needs. It's like getting a windfall, that's what you often feel when a credit card application is accepted. However, windfall cases don't always happen in real life. Sometimes, you have to accept the harsh reality that credit cards cannot be used for transactions.

Credit card declined What to do => You must first find out the cause of Credit Card Transaction Rejected

1. Wrong PIN

Errors in a hurry are common, and this also often happens when you want to transact at merchants. Because you want it fast, all you have to do is enter your PIN into the EDC machine. And when the PIN is entered incorrectly, the transaction will automatically be rejected and the payment will fail.

This PIN code is very sensitive, so it should not be careless especially because it is already integrated with the system. If the error occurs up to 3 times, then the credit card will be immediately blocked.

Try to be more careful when entering your PIN if you don't want to be harmed by your own mistakes. If the PIN is too difficult, it can't hurt.

2. Incorrectly entered CVV code

If a PIN code is required for offline transactions at merchants that accept credit payments, then a CVV code is required for online transactions. This CVV code is usually entered along with the 16-digit number listed on the front page of the credit card so that online transactions are approved.

If you enter the wrong CVV code, the transaction will be automatically rejected. You must also re-enter the 16 digit number along with the CVV code until it is correct for the transaction to be accepted, and your online purchase status changes to success.

3. Have not paid off the over limit in the previous month

Transaction still rejected? It could be because you forgot to pay the overlimit bill that occurred in the previous month. So the bank is forced to freeze your transaction for a while before the overlimit is paid in full.

This is a natural thing because the bank itself does not want to increase losses if it still allows you to transact. Instead of getting paid, what you have is that you enjoy shopping but forget to pay the bills.

Therefore, pay your credit card bill along with a fine or overlimit fee when the bill is due later. Thus, you are again allowed to use a credit card and enjoy the facilities offered by the card.

4. Credit card validity period has expired

Just like debit cards, credit cards also have a certain expiration date. If you use an expired card, the transaction will be rejected automatically. Like it or not, you must use an active credit card, pay using a debit card or cash.

To extend the credit card validity period, please contact the card issuing bank to inquire about the card replacement mechanism. After that, go to the bank concerned so that your request can be processed immediately.

Before transacting offline or online, take a little time to look at the expiration date of the card. So you don't bring or use a credit card wrong when you want to transact later.

5. Personal data that is not updated

Personal data information that is filled in when you first apply for a credit card needs to be updated regularly. The goal is to ensure the validity of the data that has been filled in previously. If one or two records are invalid, then you can update them to get the latest data.

For example, your actual mobile number or residential address may change for some reason. And if there are changes, immediately contact the issuing bank's call center to make adjustments.

After the information is successfully updated, believe me, the credit card can be used again for transactions as before. So that the rejected transaction case will not happen again in the future.

6. Suspicious sales transactions

Credit cards are integrated with sophisticated systems, so interesting things are easier to detect. If someone intentionally exchanges a genuine credit card for a fake, the transaction made with the fake card will be automatically rejected.

It is important that you check your credit card to make sure it is authentic. Especially for those of you who have borrowed credit cards from other people, this follow-up check is very important.

If it is proven to be fake, ask the bank for help to block the card so that fake people can't use the credit card. After that, ask the bank to make a new credit card so you can transact again as before.

7. Use Credit Cards Wisely

Credit cards are indeed a very easy-to-use transaction tool. However, with the possibility that sometimes your card is negligent in using credit, it could be that this negligence can cause the credit to be unusable. 

For that, use credit cards wisely, starting from paying attention to important credit card information, maintaining the confidentiality of credit card data to paying credit card bills on time.