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Free Credit Card Numbers For Amazon Prime

Free credit card number for amazon prime - If it's still not clear please note that the payment method on Amazon Payments is always through Amazon Prime.

Free Credit Card Number For Amazon Prime

To do this, you must register and have a means of payment. As you know, the only ones accepted in this case are debit cards, credit cards or prepaid cards, accept the most common ones, such as MasterCard, Maestro, American Express, Visa Electron, Visa

Once you have those payment methods, you can use them where they enable payments via Amazon Payments or Amazon Pay, whether through a computer, phone, or even via Alexa using voice commands.

While buyers are free of charge for using this payment method, this does not apply to sellers. To receive payments via Amazon Payments, they have to pay a commission, similar to what happened with PayPal.

For national transactions, it is divided into five parts, depending on the amount of money. Specification:

  1. Less than € 2,500 means a rate of 3.4% + € 0.35.
  2. From € 2,500.01 to € 10,000 corresponds to a rate of 2.9% + € 0.35.
  3. From € 10,000.01 to € 50,000 according to the rate of 2.7% + € 0.35.
  4. From € 50,000.01 to € 100,000 according to the rate of 2.4% + € 0.35.
  5. Over €100,000 at a rate of 1.9% + €0.35.

If this is an international transaction, the payment will incur additional fees which will depend on where the payment is made, if in Europe, Canada, Albania ... In this sense:

The European Economic Area and Switzerland do not pay commissions. Canada, Channel Islands, Isle of Man, Montenegro, United States, pays 2% commission.

Albania, Bosnia and Herzegovina, Russian Federation Macedonia, Moldova, Serbia, Turkey, Ukraine will receive a 3% commission. Worldwide regulated by 3.3% commission.

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Here are free credit card numbers for amazon prime

Published network: Visa

Card number: 4914 6773 9545 6561

PIN: 9554

Name: Heath Mann

Address: 3450 . Football field

Country: United Kingdom

CVV: 374

Expiration date: 12/12/23

Published network: MasterCard

Card number: 2428 2603 0071 1488

PIN: 4804

Name: Emery Finch

Address: Valley of the Crowns 5576

Country: Romania

CVV: 498

Expiration date: 5 / 2026

Published network: JCB

Card number: 3534 4592 6599 6683

PIN: 2217

Name: Jurne Cannon DavisMclure

Address: Palmerston Crescent 5343

Country: Italy

CVV: 650

Expiration date: 12 / 2030

Published network: maestro

Card number: 6761 4257 4369 3462

PIN: 4923

Name: Hilario Meriam DavisNew person

Address: Holmdale Terrace 6986

Country: Qatar

CVV: 895

Expiration date: 11/2023