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How to Create Yahoo account with Gmail

Create a Yahoo account with Gmail - You can create a Yahoo account using your Gmail account. If you have a Yahoo account, then you can access many of the free services such as news, photos, and email that Yahoo offers.

How to Create Yahoo account with Gmail

To gain access to all of these services, you must allow Yahoo to connect to your Gmail account.

Here's how to create a Yahoo account with Gmail

  1. First, open a yahoo account using a browser like google chrome and mozilla
  2. Next, click the Google button in the Sign In To Yahoo section on the right, a new link will appear then click 'Allow' to access your yahoo account to Google.
  3. Next Type your Google email address and password and click 'Sign in'
  4. Then type your name in the Name column, then the email address will be automatically filled with your Gmail address.
  5. Next, select your date of birth
  6. Then Type your Yahoo account email & Click 'Check' to verify if yahoo account is available. If not, try something else.
  7. Type the password for the new Yahoo account and create a password
  8. Type the password again to verify
  9. Then Click Continue to create a 'Yahoo' account using your Gmail account.
  10. Done

If Gmail only integrates its services with Google Plus, Yahoo Mail can also be integrated with Facebook. In addition you can also send SMS to Yahoo, Facebook, and Windows Live contacts.

    1TB of storage capacity - Yahoo Mail provides 1TB of storage capacity for each user. This capacity can be called unlimited for the size of the email because almost no account stores email up to 1TB.

    File attachments up to 100MB - This large storage capacity also affects the size of files that can be attached. Yes, Yahoo Mail supports file attachments up to 100MB in size, aka 4 times larger than that offered by Gmail.

    In addition to these advantages, Yahoo Mail also has disadvantages that make it a step behind Gmail. Here are some of those drawbacks:

    Bad spam filter - Yahoo Mail has a spam filter system that will send spam emails to a special folder. Unfortunately, the filter system is still quite weak when compared to Gmail. As a result, sometimes there is some spam that enters the main inbox.

    No label system - Gmail's label system will automatically group incoming email by type. Well, such a feature is not yet available in Yahoo Mail so all messages will be stored in the same location if you don't set it up manually.