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How to remove headlight bulb from socket

How to remove the light bulb from the socket?

How to remove headlight bulb from socket

Owning a luxury car means nothing if your car's headlights are broken. If the headlights are damaged, it doesn't take extra effort to replace the car's headlights.

Replacing headlights can be done at home with equipment that is not so difficult.

The tools needed to remove the bulb from the socket are:

  • New bulb => Make sure you choose the right bulb for your vehicle.
  • Wipes and alcohol =>Wipes and alcohol are used to clean and hold the new bulb
  • Screwdriver => To open the car's headlights are black with a white LED currently on

Here is how to remove headlight bulb from socket

Step 1: Find the headlight bulb holder

The headlight bulb openings are not opened from the front of the car, but from the inside. Open the engine compartment and find the front bulb near the front of the car. You will find a light bulb holder with a power connector. The power connector on a car usually has three wires leading to the light bulb.

Step 2: Unplug the power cord

The power cord attaches to the plug at the bottom of the headlight, and attaches to a plastic rod, metal clip, or screw cap. This grip depends on the vehicle you have. The plastic stand has a small lever at the top. Push slightly as you pull the lever out. The power cord with the blue plug is attached to the headlight of the car => Unplug the power cord that holds the lamp holder

If your car has a metal mount, pull and remove it. Make sure you hold the handle as you pull it. If your car has a screw cap, you can remove it by turning it counterclockwise.

Step 3: Remove the old bulb

Once the wires and mount are removed, you can remove the back of the headlight mount and remove the bulb for replacement by holding the base. In some cases, you may have to twist the bulb slightly to release it from its grip.

Step 4: Clean and install a new bulb

Clean the new lamp with a tissue and gloves. Avoid holding the lamps with your hands, as your hands can indicate that they have oil. Oil in the lamp can make the lamp less clear when in use. It is recommended that you clean the bulb with alcohol before installing it.

Metal clamp on the inside of the headlight on which the headlight is based = > Metal clamp on which the bulb is based

Once the bulb is clean, insert it into the base of the plug. If installed correctly, no rubber ball is visible. When the light is on, you can snap the stand back into place and reconnect the power cord. Be sure to test again by turning on your car's light bulb.

Replacing a car light bulb is not as difficult as you might think, but it takes precision and patience to replace it. By following the steps above, you will no longer need to go to a repair shop to install a new bulb.