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how to reverse manual car

how to reverse a manual car - Now to find out, here's how to reverse a manual car that you can use as a reference.

how to reverse manual car

Some of you may still have the desire to learn to drive a car.

Highly recommended in learning to drive, starting with a manual type car. Well, one of the most basic things that can be learned is how to reverse with a manual car.

Because in practice driving a car, you must be able to reverse the car properly in order to get a parking space. In other scenarios, reversing in a manual car can also exercise your instincts in many favorable conditions.

4 Ways to Reverse with a Manual Car

1. Press Your Clutch

Depress the clutch well, until you can shift gears again. Stepping on the clutch must be considered so as not to damage the teeth when the gear is moved.

2. Slide the Shifting Lever to Reverse Gear

After the clutch is stepped on, then move the gear lever into reverse gear. On various manual cars, the position can be different. But usually it will be located in the leftmost row of teeth. Also pay attention to the position of the teeth because every car has a different arrangement and format of teeth.

3. Release the Clutch Pedal Slowly

The position of the car is ready to reverse. Slowly, release the clutch pedal of your car while looking closely at the left, right, and center mirrors. The goal is simple, so you can back off carefully and don't crash into anything. Make sure the back of the car is safe and there are no obstructions.

When you release the clutch pedal, you can also slightly depress the gas pedal. This is so that the car does not experience an engine shutdown due to a lack of gas entering when the clutch is released.

4. Step on the gas slowly, step back carefully

As in the third point, step on the gas slowly so the car doesn't die. At the same time, it will provide power to the reversed car at a controlled speed, so that you can reverse properly.

The key and how to reverse a manual car is to focus on the clutch pedal and continue to pay attention to the rearview mirror.

That's how to go back slowly with a manual car that you can use as a reference. Of course, it will be clearer if you immediately practice it with a competent trainer, in order to get the right direction