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How to use Bank of America digital card at ATM

How to use a Bank of America digital card at an ATM - You can use an ATM card to withdraw cash and make deposits without a Bank of America card.

How to use Bank of America digital card at ATM

Bank of America has now launched a digital debit card in its mobile banking app.

Customers use digital debit cards similar to how they use physical debit cards. This will allow them to pay in-store, through an app and online using a mobile wallet, the company said in a press release.

If a customer needs a new card or a replacement debit card if they lose their existing card, they can request a digital debit card through their mobile app and use it instantly, instead of waiting up to a week to get a Bank of America debit card.

Bank of America also launched a service called Mobile Orders, which allows customers to order foreign currency via their mobile app.

They can send money to their home, or if they travel abroad, they can choose the bank they want to collect it from. The mobile app tracks shipments and sends notifications.

Small business customers can also use this service to pre-order bills and coins in the denominations they need and also choose a bank to pick up and track orders with real-time alerts and updates.

Here's How to use a Bank of America digital card at an ATM

Step 1: Open your mobile wallet app on your phone

Step 2: Add Bank of America debit card information at ATM

Step 3: At an eligible Bank of America ATM, open your mobile wallet on your mobile

Step 4: In your wallet, select your Bank of America card for transaction

Step 5: Tap your phone on the Contactless symbol on the ATM

Step 6: Enter the ATM PIN associated with your debit card

Step 7: Tap Main Menu and complete your ATM transaction as if you were using your physical card

Customers can now make ATM withdrawals directly from their mobile banking application.

Customers simply log in to the app and select the desired amount to withdraw.

When they arrive at the ATM, they can use their smartphone or debit card, enter their pin, and a personalized screen will appear asking the customer if they are here to complete a withdrawal at the ATM.