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stockx method 2021

stockx method 2021 - steps to run with stockx method

stockx method 2021

Step 1: Purchase stockx account login with visa/Paypal debit card attached (preferably from rich postal code)

Step 2: Create a fake email on with the account owner's name (ex:

Step 3: Log in to stockx account and go to settings. Change the email to the fake email you just created ( account holder ) and change the username as well.

Step 4: Make sure you don't forget the login info to the email, you will send the password request there later.

Step 5: Wait 24 HOURS after you change your email and username. I will be extra safe and wait 24 hours 30 minutes

Step 6: Log in to your same socks5 zip proxy (or within 10 miles of the account holder's zip). I use and delete your cookies and cache COMPLETELY with CCleaner

Step 7: Log back into the account, if they see the info has been changed, you won't be able to sign in, so try the next account.

Step 8: Ace and order the pair you want, If the account holder usually spends $400 then buy $400-$500. Don't go crazy and buy $1000 worth of shoes with a $100 spending account. Stay under $500 if you want to be safe.

Step 9: At checkout, enter your drop address (DO NOT USE YOUR HOME).

Step 10: Change the password immediately so they can't copy the order.

Step 11: Wait for the seller to ship, then make sure the address is not left on the account.

Step 12: You are done. Wait for your order to come and enjoy your designer brand.

good luck !!