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Free account youtube with username and password

Free account youtube - For those of you who want to try a free premium youtube account without paying any fees, we will share it here.

Free account youtube with username and password

As we know, every premium account definitely has advantages over the regular version. You pay attention to the explanation we provide in this article so you don't miss information about free premium youtube accounts.

About Youtube Premium Account - Free Premium Youtube Account

Youtube Premium is a subscription service for users who don't want to see ads/ad-free while streaming all videos in YouTube app.

Actually, it has been around since 2014 under the name Music Key which only offers music streaming services and music videos without ads.

On October 31, 2015, the service changed its name to Youtube RED and added an ad-free feature to all videos on YouTube. And again changed its name on May 17, 2018 by changing its name again to Youtube Premium which has survived until now. With the name change, the YouTube Music subscription service also works separately.

Premium Youtube App Features

This is an excellent feature that you can get by using the premium version of Youtube. You can watch various YouTube videos without using quota to download them. 

Play Video In Background - Usually we can't open other applications while watching videos on Youtube. Because when you exit the Youtube app, the video playback will stop automatically.

Well, one of the features you can use when you subscribe to YouTube Premium is the ability to play videos in the background.

In other words, you can open another app like WhatsApp and the video you are currently playing will continue to play. Even if the device you are using is locked, the video will not stop playing.

No ads - The most prominent feature of this premium youtube is that users are not distracted by ads while watching videos. Of course this is very annoying to users and you will not feel it again.

If the previous discussion was about how to get a free premium for a month, here we provide a way to get a free youtube account forever.

How to Get Free Youtube Account 2022

  • You can try to sign up with gmail "free youtube premium account" and do a free trial for one month.
  • After the day until D-3, when the trial period ends, you can immediately click "Cancel Membership".
  • Wait for the first account to expire.
  • After that, you can register a new Gmail account to try a free YouTube premium account. You can get a free YouTube account forever if you have a new Gmail account.

Register Free Premium Youtube Account - If you don't want to create multiple Google accounts, to get free YouTube premium account. 

All the YouTube accounts that we share in this article can be accessed directly as long as no one is using them. So no need to change different Google account and re-register free premium trial account.

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Here's a free Youtube account name and password

  • Account name :
  • Password : anantara1212
  • Account Name :
  • Password : ariel12345

  • Account name :
  • Password : miselantari123

  • Account name :
  • Password : 8548552

Those are some free youtube accounts that you can try without having to register first.