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How do I reset my iPhone without losing everything

How do I reset my iPhone without losing everything - For those of you who have an iPhone and are currently confused about backing up your important data because you want to reset your iPhone to its original state, here I will tell you how to save important data on your Iphone.

How do I reset my iPhone without losing everything

Many people are looking for ways to keep important data on their iPhone from being lost during a reset. In the data that is on the iPhone that we already have, there are various important things in it such as photos, songs and also important data that contains our work data.

Now you don't have to worry anymore because I will provide information on how to backup your iPhone data so that all data on your iPhone is not lost and can be returned again after your iPhone is reset.

There are several ways to backup iPhone data that you can use and you can do and some of these ways you can choose which is the best way you can do to back up data on your iPhone.

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How to Backup iPhone data with iTunes -> This first method is the safest and very easy way to backup iPhone data for us to do.

The most widely used iPhone backup method is to use an application made by Mac that can run on all operating systems, namely iTunes.

1. The first step to backup your iPhone data is to install an application called iTunes on the computer or laptop that you want to use to backup data on your iPhone.

2. Connect your iPhone using a usb cable to a computer that has iTunes installed then you just select the "Backup" menu which will back up all your important data to the computer.

3. Then you just have to wait for all your data to be backed up to the computer or laptop you are using.

4. Never cancel the backup process that you have done because it will result in the possibility of losing your data.

Back up iPhone data with wi-fi -> The next way to reset iPhone is to use the existing wi-fi facility in your home or office.

This iPhone data backup method also uses an application called iTunes, but unlike the first iPhone data backup method using wifi, we no longer need to plug our cellphones using usb into a PC or computer.

To use this method, your iPhone must at least have iTunes 10.5 and iOS 5 installed on your phone.

1. To use this method, we must synchronize WI-FI via WI-FI synchronization. For the first step, we first connect the cellphone to the computer to do the settings for the first time.

2. Once connected, run iTunes on your computer and iPhone, look for the option to sync with this iPhone/iPad Via Wi-fi which you can select in the summary menu and you just select apply to run the sync.

3. Once on, you just need to restart your iPhone device, but before that, don't forget to turn off iTunes

4. Then you only need to do a backup by first selecting the menu > General > iTunes Wi-Fi Sysc on your iPhone device.

Back up data with iCloud -> The third way to backup iPhone data is to use the iCloud service facility that has been provided by Apple.

Apple itself has provided a cloud service similar to Google's Google Drive that we can use to back up our important data.

The iCloud service itself is provided free of charge by Apple with a storage capacity of up to 5 GB.

We can also use this service to move our data from iOS devices to other iOS devices and to use it we simply create an iCloud account by going to settings and selecting iCloud.

1. To activate iCloud you simply activate it using your Apple id and go to settings > iCloud > storage & backup > iCloud backup.

2. Activate this menu to back up your important data on iPhone.

Vital Records :

How to Backup iPhone so that data is not lost above you can apply to your iPhone so that all data on your cellphone is not lost.

The iPhone data backup method is the easiest way to secure your data and that way you can feel safe using your phone anywhere and anytime.