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How to Fix Laptop Lock Not Working

Laptop keys not working - The keyboard or keyboard on a laptop is a very vital device. If the keyboard has a problem or is damaged, then you can be sure the laptop will not be able to function properly.

How to Fix Laptop Lock Not Working

Over time, laptop keyboards often experience problems that we cannot predict. For example, the laptop keyboard is locked so that it cannot be used for typing at all, thus making us panic about what happens to the keyboard.

Even though there are urgent tasks that require us to use the keyboard to get work done quickly. Of course the problem of the keyboard not working this will be very annoying.

Even though Windows also provides an on screen keyboard or virtual keyboard that we can use. However, using it for multi-tasking would, of course, be very inconvenient and time-consuming.

When there is a problem, the keyboard is locked so it doesn't work at all. Before taking it to a repairman, it's a good idea to fix it yourself if it's still possible.

Apart from saving on repair costs, doing your own testing will also increase your knowledge of how to fix a locked keyboard. But before that, you should first know the possible causes of a locked laptop keyboard that often occurs.

Causes of Locked/Disabled Laptop Keyboard

There are many possibilities that could cause the laptop keyboard to lock. However, there are several things that are common causes that make the keyboard unable to function normally.

Among the causes are the following:

  1. Due to problems with keyboard drivers or outdated drivers
  2. An error occurred in the keyboard settings whether intentional or not
  3. As a result of the Windows system update,
  4. Locked due to virus attack
  5. Locked by third party app or keyboard lock software

Usually the problem of locking the laptop keyboard is not a problem of keyboard hardware damage. However, it is most likely caused by several things that have been mentioned above.

So don't rush to replace your laptop keyboard before trying some of the tricks below to unlock your locked laptop keyboard. Hopefully with the tricks I share this can help the problem you are facing

How to Unlock a Locked Laptop Keyboard

To unlock and troubleshoot laptop keyboard locking issues. There are several ways that you can follow and try to practice one by one, hopefully one of the methods below can be the right solution for your laptop problem.

Turn off the laptop and remove the battery - Try the easiest way that might solve your laptop keyboard locking issue. Namely by turning off the laptop and removing the battery and let stand for 3 minutes.

After that try to replace the battery and turn on your laptop. Hopefully this method works to return the keyboard that is not working to its normal state again.

Reinstall driver / Update keyboard driver

If the first method doesn't work, solve your problem. The next step you can do is to reinstall your laptop keyboard driver.

To reinstall the keyboard driver, follow these steps:

  1. Right click My Computer then click Properties
  2. Select Device Manager on the left
  3. Please check the keyboard section
  4. Locked laptop keyboard update
  5. Then right click HID keyboard Device and select Update Driver Software
  6. Reinstall laptop keyboard driver not working
  7. A new window appears and select Search automatically for driver software updates
  8. After finishing the driver update, please restart your laptop

Laptop Keyboard Doesn't Work Because It's Broken

A laptop keyboard that doesn't work and can't be used may not be because it's locked. It can also be caused by damage to the keyboard so that it cannot respond to commands that are being run.

If hardware damage is the cause of the malfunctioning of the keyboard, then the way that can be done is to replace the keyboard with a new one if you can do it yourself at home.

But if you are in doubt and do not have experience in disassembling a laptop keyboard. It's a good idea to bring your laptop to a service center to get a new keyboard, of course the original one according to your laptop's specs.

But if you don't have the time or don't have the money to replace the keyboard. You can use a PC keyboard that you own or borrow from a friend which can temporarily replace a broken laptop keyboard.