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How to fix unresponsive keyboard keys

How to fix unresponsive keyboard keys - If there is damage to any of the keyboard keys or all of them, there may be a hardware or software malfunction. Here I will tell you how to solve it.

How to fix unresponsive keyboard keys

One of the things that often happens to PC or laptop users is when one of the keyboard functions is unresponsive. Of course this will hinder our work and quite frustrating.

However, the keyboard is one of the hardware that plays an important role, but because it is often used, the keyboard becomes vulnerable to damage.

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Here's How to fix unresponsive keyboard keys

1. Clean the keyboard from dust

If there are some keyboards on your laptop that are unresponsive, while other keys are fine, chances are your keyboard is clogged with dust that has accumulated, to clean it you can tilt the laptop about 75 degrees and then shake it, after that clean the laptop. bottom and top using tape.

2. Restart Laptop

If your entire keyboard is unresponsive or unresponsive, the problem might be with the software/drivers. Try restarting your laptop, maybe this is enough to help fix it. If you can't reset it, hold down the power button and hold it for 5 seconds

3. Restore Windows

  • Open Control Panel
  • Now, Highlight the System and Security menu option then select back up your computer
  • On the next page, click on restore your system or computer settings

4. Fix Keyboard Driver

  • Open Control Panel
  • In the control panel, click system and security and select device manager
  • In the device manager, you will see all the hardware drivers on your laptop

If there is a yellow exclamation mark on our driver, it means that our driver has a problem so that the keyboard cannot be used optimally, the solution is to update your driver software with the latest one.

So, those are some ways to deal with an unresponsive keyboard, hopefully it will be useful for all of us.