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How to Install Side Rearview Mirror Adhesive

Rearview mirror adhesive - Not all areas can be seen through the rearview mirror. Well, this area is what we know as Adhesive side mirrors. Potentially hazardous areas, especially when cornering or overtaking vehicles. The blind spot is different for each type of vehicle. For example, in passenger cars, the blind spots are usually to the left and right of the driver, while in large trucks they are at a point lower than the driver's seat.

How to Install Side Rearview Mirror Adhesive

There are two important things when driving, namely controlling the car and also understanding other things related to safety. One of them is anticipating the impact of the blind spot. It's not hard to see objects in front of the car, but knowing what's happening to the side and rear is a problem in itself. For this reason, a driving safety supporting component was created called a rear view mirror.

Then, how to adjust the rearview mirror to reduce the danger of blind spots? 

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How to Maximize the Adhesive Function of the Rearview Mirror

Actually, blind spots / Adhesive rearview mirrors can be minimized by adjusting the three rearview mirrors (right, left, and center) correctly before you start your journey. The right and left rearview mirrors should be set slightly wider so that the visibility in both directions is wider and only a little of the back of the car body is still visible. While the rearview mirror is arranged in such a way that you can see well other vehicles behind.

When you want to overtake or turn, don't just look in the mirror. You also have to look to the side of the vehicle of course after calculating the distance between your car and the vehicle in front. This is so that vehicles in the blind spot area can still be seen, especially if those in the area are small cars or motorbikes.

Install additional rearview mirror or multivex type

Many car drivers install additional rearview mirrors to see the blind spot area. This additional mirror is usually small, slightly convex, and attached to the main mirror on the right and left of the car. The reflection of the glass with a convex effect is claimed to be able to see the area clearly. But be careful, the wrong installation can cause it to spread even more.

The correct position of the auxiliary rearview mirror is above the outermost side of the main mirror so that you can see both of them clearly. Do not install additional mirrors at the bottom of the main rearview mirror because it will make many objects invisible.

But actually additional mirrors are only needed if your car's rearview mirror is not a multivex type. And, the latest cars are usually equipped with this type of rearview mirror. Multivex mirrors have curved sides on the outside, reducing the area that affects wide visibility while you are driving.

How, easy enough right? For that, make it a habit to check the rearview mirror every time you want to drive. Taking a few minutes to prevent accidents is certainly better than having to deal with unwanted things.

Here is a of  This is how to install side view mirror adhesive

  1. Do it when the car stops
  2. Point the rearview mirror to the most center position so that the angle of view to the left and right is the same
  3. For rear-view mirror adhesive, aim right at the edge of the car body. This will widen the side view of the vehicle
  4. When parking backwards, point the left rearview mirror down, so that the position of the tire against the curb or barrier is visible.
  5. In some brands, this step is automatically performed by the car
  6. Don't use night mode for daytime in the center mirror
  7. When walking, make it a habit to check your surroundings every 8-10 seconds through the rearview mirror
  8. Done