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If i reset my phone will i lose everything

If I reset my phone, will I lose everything? Some people prefer to reset their phone to solve pretty severe problems. For example, you cannot connect to WiFi, there is a virus, or indeed there is a problem that interferes with the settings on your cellphone.

if i reset my phone will i lose everything

This problem can usually only be solved by resetting the phone. The impact of restarting the phone can cause some data to be deleted automatically.

If you experience this. I have a how-to and tips on how to safely reset the phone. A phone reset is done if there is a serious problem for which there is no solution. So returning all settings and conditions to their original state will help to solve the problem.

Resetting the phone can delete all data and files on the phone. Therefore you need to back up all data and files to be safe. If you have never reset your phone before then you need to know what will be lost if the phone is reset.

The reason for resetting everyone's cellphone is different, of course, to overcome the problems that occur on the cellphone. For example, to fix a phone that is slow, forgot keys, and fixes software crash issues.

So there is no other choice but to reset your Android phone. Also, if you decide to sell your phone or replace it, resetting your phone is mandatory.

So, what will be lost if the phone is reset? The following things will be lost and deleted automatically when you go back to factory settings for Xiaomi, Samsung, vivo, Oppo, realme and others:

Here are the data that will be lost if you reset the phone.

  1. Applications that are already installed on the phone.
  2. All contacts are saved in the phone memory or internal memory.
  3. Data that you store in internal storage, for example photos, music, videos, documents, application data.

How to Reset Android Phone Safely

To avoid mistakes such as losing data or important files, ApkVenue has safe tips for resetting your Android phone.

So you will avoid the possibility of losing very important files or data. Therefore, before deciding to do a reset, prepare in advance the following things:

1. Backup important apps

The first tip is to back up important apps on your phone as raw files. With this, you can anticipate the risk of missing apps when you reset your phone.

Because the impact of restarting the phone will cause all data to be lost including Android applications. It could be, the application is an important application whose data you cannot delete.

Once backed up, you can save apps in external memory and use them later after resetting your phone.

2. Copy contacts to SIM card or email

Contact number is one of the important data which will be lost automatically after you reset your Android phone. Especially if you store contact numbers in the internal memory.

For example when you go back to phone settings and you forget to backup all contact numbers in your phone, you will definitely lose all contact numbers.

3. Move important files to SD card

You must have a backup file on the other phone, otherwise photos, videos, documents or music. These files will automatically disappear if you don't make a backup before resetting your phone.

To prevent this from happening when you reset your iPhone, you will need to move those important files to the SD card.

If you don't have an SD card in your phone, you can choose to back up those files using a data backup app like Helium.

How to Reset Android Phone & Iphone

There are two ways to reset Android and Iphone phones. You can use one of them according to the conditions and problems you are experiencing.

If these two methods don't work then you will have to take your phone to an authorized service center for the problem to be solved by the experts.

1. How to Reset Android Phone Manually

The first way you can do is to reset manually or use the phone settings.

Every phone already has a setting that will allow you to reset your phone, so this method can be done if you can still access your phone.

I will give an example of the steps using Android. So, this method can also be a way to go back to the original settings:

Step 1 - Go to Settings menu -> Open your phone, then go to Settings or Settings menu to start the reset method

Step 2 - Go to General Management -> In the Settings menu, select the General Management option at the bottom.

Step 3 - Click Reset -> After that, click the Reset menu then select Factory Reset to return all settings and phone conditions to their original state

Step 4 - Click Reset button -> Your next step will show some files and apps to be deleted. You should pay attention to this so that it doesn't become a mistake when you decide to reset your phone. Then click the Reset button if you are sure to reset the phone as before.

2. How to Hard Reset Android and Iphone phones

The second way is to use hard reset or use some alternative keys which can reset your phone without access to the phone. So you can do this if you can't access your Android phone and iPhone.

How to do a hard reset on an Android phone with the following conditions:

Make sure the battery is fully charged, at least 70%.

We recommend doing a hard reset when the phone is off or inactive (not the battery runs out).

Press volume up button + Home button + power button or volume up button + power button simultaneously to enter Android recovery mode. (with a note not all Android phones have a different way of recovery mode).

Choose factory reset or wipe data. Use volume buttons to go up or down and Home button or power button to select and the reset process will start.

The final word :

That's the safe way to reset Android phones and iPhones so you don't lose important data and files while doing it.

Plus, you know what you'll lose if you reset your phone so you can anticipate what you can back up before you reset your phone.