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Is it safe to drive with tire pressure sensor fault

Is it safe to drive with a faulty tire pressure sensor? Unsafe, "Because this could mean one of your tires may lose air pressure". So when you get a tire pressure error message or icon, it's important to pull over to the nearest gas station to check your tires and refill if necessary.

Is it safe to drive with tire pressure sensor fault

Your tire pressure sensor has a special job, which is to make sure that you know very well whether your tire pressure is at a low level or not.

After all, no one wants to drive with a flat tire because it can endanger the driver and can damage the car.

So when one of your tires loses air pressure, you may see an error message or a tire pressure sensor icon on your dashboard.

Can you still drive with a tire pressure sensor error?

If you have a tire pressure sensor fault, it doesn't mean you're in danger. That's because it's still important to ascertain the cause before you actually remedy the situation.

The "TPMS" Tire Pressure Monitoring System is a fairly new system in most new cars today, and that's why not many people fully understand what it does and how it works.

What is tire pressure sensor error?

Tire pressure sensor error is the amazing ability of TPMS, which uses sensors built into the wheels to detect the air pressure in our tires and then tell us whether we need to fill the tires with air or not.

Most cars today are built with a system where you can now check the air pressure in your tires just by looking at your dashboard.

So if you have a live TPMS in your car, your car dashboard should show the air pressure in all your tires.

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What does it mean when the screen displays a tire pressure sensor error message?

Firstly, a tire pressure sensor error can be interpreted as a whole word message or it can be displayed in a simple icon that is universally understood as a tire pressure sensor error.

One of the most likely reasons why that message or icon appears is because one or more of your tires have actually lost air pressure.

If this is the case, you will most likely experience a flat or blown tire.

Another possible reason why the message appears might be related to how one of the sensors on your TPMS is actually faulty or malfunctioning.

That means the sensor is not working properly. Thus, it will not make you drive in any way.

Lastly, another reason may be that you changed tires without resetting the TPMS or without actually reinstalling or reprogramming the sensors on the new tires. This can be a fairly common mistake that many people make especially when it comes time to change tires during the new season.

Now that you know why you might be getting a tire pressure sensor error message or icon, the next thing to ask is if it is safe to drive when you get that message or light on the car dashboard.

For the sake of safety, we would like to say that it should not be safe when you get a tire pressure sensor error icon on your dashboard because it is always better to be careful in anything that is risky.

That's because, first of all, it can be a result of how one or more of your tires lose air pressure. If this is the case, then you should not drive too long when the tires lose air pressure as they will end up deflated or even punctured later on during long trips.

After all, there are cases where the fault is not due to the tire losing air pressure because the fault could be on the sensor itself such as when the sensor is faulty or when you forget to reset it after changing the tire. So if that's the case, driving is completely safe as long as you don't mind your sensors not working properly. However, the wisest thing to do is to pull over at the nearest gas station to try to check the situation.