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Way stop brakes from squeaking without taking tire off

How to Stop Squeaking Brakes Without Removing Tires - Have you ever heard a squeaking sound when you hit the brakes on a car? Although it is often considered trivial and does not interfere with the fun of driving, if it is allowed to drag on, it can eliminate optimal brake function. The worst possibility can cause an accident.

Way stop brakes from squeaking without taking tire off

“Squeaky brakes” are usually caused by a build-up of scale debris, such as dust, and oil adhering to the discs and drums. This is because many car owners are reluctant to carry out maintenance, even though they already know the condition of the brakes that are not prime.

The squeaking effect on the brakes not only wears out the brake pads and discs quickly, but can also cause the components around the disc brakes to wobble due to overheating due to friction.

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Here is a of  how to stop the brakes from squeaking without removing the tires

Overcoming or eliminating the sound of car brakes without removing the tires is not difficult. You only need to clean the discs, drums and other components around the car's wheels. The tools needed are a clean cloth, a soft brush, special brake cleaning oil or a compressor if you have one.

1. The first step to cleaning it is to spray the brake cleaner evenly.

2. “The spraying distance between the disc and brake cleaner is about 10-15 cm, and spray evenly so that the disc is completely wet and removes any scale.

3. After spraying, wipe with a dry and clean cloth repeatedly. If it is still not clean, spraying can be done again until the dirt is completely clean.

4. Next clean the brake drum without removing the tire first. do it carefully or slowly, descaling with compressor spray if any. If not, you can use a soft brush.

5. “If the dust is clean, spray it with brake cleaner for maximum results. After that the discs, drums, and wheels can be reassembled.