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Business credit cards with zero balance transfer fee

Business credit cards with zero balance transfer fee - You can make business balance transfers with a low fee transfer credit card. If approved, you'll get a certain credit limit, and you'll get the option to use some or all of that limit for any other debt you transfer to your new card. 

Business credit cards with zero balance transfer fee

There's usually a 3 percent to 5 percent balance transfer fee added to the balance on your new credit card, so it's important to include it in your balance transfer calculations.

Taking these details into account, business balance transfers are best suited for people who are serious about paying off their bills. While transferring balances between cards may temporarily affect your credit due to changes in usage and difficult questions on your credit report, paying off debt will ultimately improve your credit score in the long run.

A business balance transfer card that offers an introductory 0 percent APR can help you save money when you combine debt, but we all know that this offer won't last forever. To get ahead with a balance transfer credit card, you must have a plan to pay off your debts during the introductory period.

Keep in mind that debt consolidation and rewards don't have to be mixed, especially since credit card rewards can encourage you to spend more, thwarting your debt-paying efforts. If you want to transfer balances just to pay off debt, you may be better off using a business credit card that doesn't offer any rewards.

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Here are the best Business credit cards with zero/light transfer fees

US Bank Business Platinum

  • Annual fee: $0.
  • Deposit transfer fee: 3% of each transfer deposit - a minimum of $5.

The US Bank Business Platinum card offers a 0% APR for the first 20 billing cycles on balances transferred within 30 days of opening your account. After that, the APR range is 11.99% to 20.99%.

That's longer than other business credit cards "though not as long as some personal credit cards". The deposit transfer fee (3%) is also low. The main downside of the Business Platinum card: there are no ongoing perks or rewards.

US World Bank Elite - Mastercard®

  • Annual fee: $0 
  • Balance transfer fee - 3% of the amount per transfer or a minimum of $5, whichever is greater .

US Bank Business Triple Cash Rewards The World Elite Mastercard® is a triple threat balance transfer card, with a long 0% period, a generous signup bonus ($500) and amazing cashback rewards.

New cardholders receive 0% intro APR for Purchases for 15 billing cycles and 0% intro APR for Balance Transfers for 15 Billing Cycles, then a continuous APR of 15.49%-24.49% Variable APR. Get 3% cash back on eligible purchases at gas stations, office supply stores, cell phone service providers and restaurants. Get 1% cash back on all other eligible net purchases.

Wells Fargo Business Platinum Card

  • Annual fee: $0.
  • Deposit transfer fee: 4% of each transfer - $10 minimum.

The Wells Fargo Platinum Business Card is a great choice for business owners who can pay off their debts quickly. This card offers 0% interest on balance transfers over the shortest nine month term of the cards we reviewed, even though the card has value beyond debt consolidation.

After that, the card has a variable interest rate, namely the Wells Fargo Prime rate plus 7.99% to 17.99%, depending on your personal and business credit. Wells Fargo Business Platinum cardholders get 1.5% cashback on eligible purchases, which are automatically reimbursed every three months. And new cardholders receive a $300 cashback bonus or 30,000 bonus points when they choose the Business Card Rewards Program and spend $3,000 in the first three months.

Visa® PNC . Business Credit Card

  • Annual fee: $0.
  • Deposit transfer fee: 3% of each transfer deposit; a minimum of $5.

most balance card transfers give you 30 days to move your debt, but the PNC Visa Business card offers a 90 day window. Cardholders receive 0% APR for 13 months on balances transferred during that time, giving them more wiggle room to plan debt repayment strategies.

Thereafter, the ongoing variable APR (9.99% to 19.99% as of this writing) applies. However, the Visa PNC Business card doesn't offer many bells and whistles beyond that, so consider it only for existing debt.

Citi Simplicity® Card

  • Annual fee: $0
  • Deposit transfer fee: 5% of each transfer deposit - a minimum of $5

Personal credit cards tend to have more balance transfer options and can be a great option for sole proprietors and business owners without employees. take the Citi Simplicity® Card, which offers a 0% Intro APR for 21 months for Balance Transfers and 12 months for Purchases, then a continuous APR of 15.49%-25.49% Variable APR.

APR hours start when you make your first transfer, so if you plan to combine multiple debts into one card, it's a good idea to transfer them all at once. In addition to the long APR window, the Citi Simplicity® Card has a $0 annual fee and no late fees or penalties.