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Credit card blocked how to unblock it

Credit card blocked how to unblock it - To confirm that you are the owner of the card, the bank will ask for your identity. After you can answer all the questions correctly, then your credit card can be activated and unblocked. For reuse.

In today's internet era, data security has become fundamental. There are several documents that you must keep confidential. One such document is a credit card.

Credit card data that is not properly maintained has the potential to be misused by others. So, if your credit card is lost or the data is leaked, immediately ask the bank to block or disable it so that no one takes advantage of your card limit balance or uses the data for harmful things.

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If your credit card is blocked, here's how to unblock it:

1. Call a call center or visit a bank office

You can also unblock a credit card by contacting the relevant bank's call center or visiting the bank's office.

2. Request a new credit card

If it's really lost or permanently blocked because you were late in activation or late in paying your bill, then the only thing you can do to reactivate this card is to ask for a new credit card. The bank will send you a new card if you want to reactivate it.

3. New credit card activation

You must activate your new credit card as soon as the flat arrives. Currently there are many ways to do this, starting from an ATM or through a mobile banking application provided by a bank.

Banks usually give customers 3-6 months to activate their credit cards. If within that time the customer has not activated it, the card is threatened with being permanently blocked and you must request a new one.

Causes of Blocked Credit Cards

There are several reasons a bank may block your credit card:

1. Credit card has not been activated

As written above, a credit card can be blocked by a bank because the customer has not activated it within a predetermined period of time. Therefore, customers need to apply for card creation again from scratch.

So, don't forget to activate your credit card immediately. Currently, banks have provided many ways to do this, ranging from offline to the nearest bank, using an ATM, or online through internet banking and mobile banking.

2. requests from customers

The next cause is because of customer demand itself. The customer can ask the bank to temporarily or permanently block activities for reasons such as:

Lost credit card - The customer wants to reduce the number of credit cards he has and the Client is worried if his data is used by irresponsible people because of this shopping or because it is used for other things

3. Permanent block from the bank

Generally, credit cards that are permanently blocked by banks are cards belonging to customers who have failed to pay their bills for several months. If you experience a case like this, then inevitably you have to apply for a new credit card.

4. Temporarily block from bank

This temporary blocking can occur due to two things, namely the customer is late in paying the bill but is still within reasonable limits or the party detects a transaction calculated from the customer's account.

For the second reason, the bank will usually help the customer first. However, if the transaction is considered very attractive, the bank can immediately block it. You can unblock this in the way already active above.

5. Temporarily blocked due to wrong pin

The pin number is one of the important data that you must remember and protect. Both credit and debit cards will be temporarily blocked if you enter the wrong pin up to 3 times.

How long does the credit card re-activation process take?

Credit card reactivation time depends on the type of credit card blocking, whether the card is being blocked permanently or temporarily. If your card is permanently blocked, you will have to apply for a new credit card again and this process can take up to 14 business days.

However, if the card is temporarily blocked, the offline re-activation process takes approximately 1-7 working days, while online activation only takes about 10-15 minutes.

Tips for Unblocking Credit Cards

1. Don't pin the number

The pin number should be easy to remember. Therefore, create a pin number that is easy to memorize. However, it should not be set with a number that is similar to your other personal data or you record it on paper.

2. Safe online transactions

Make sure you shop at merchants that have been proven safe, your personal data will not be leaked and misused by fraudsters. In addition, do not provide any data regarding your credit card to any party you do not know, including parties claiming to be from the bank.

3. Pay bills on time

Another way to keep your card from being blocked is to pay your credit card bill on time. Also limit the ownership and use of credit cards so that you can pay bills on time and not be wasteful.

Because in addition to being able to permanently block your card, this untimely bill payment can also affect your credit score so that when you want to apply for credit it will be difficult for you.