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Electric Car Study - Up to 80 Percent Energy Saving

Electric Car Study - Electric cars are considered to be able to save energy up to 80 percent compared to conventional cars that use fuel oil. This is one of the results of studies and research conducted by the automotive industry.

Electric Car Study - Up to 80 Percent Energy Saving

Based on research, the average hybrid type electric car can save 50 percent, while plug-in hybrids can save up to 75-80 percent. The use of electric cars can save fuel up to two times compared to using B20 fuel. “The B20 program alone can save about 6 million kiloliters” So with a hybrid or plug-in hybrid the savings can be doubled.

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The First Intelligent Autonomous Electric Car Concept

Still in the form of SmartFortwo, this full electric concept car does support mobilization tools in urban areas. Sophisticated again, equipped with full autonomous driving system technology.

A futuristic fascia with a black grille that can be used as a means to communicate with other road users, including information for example for pedestrians showing the way.

The reason is, the grille is in the form of a monitor that contains information, including an LED display on the back which also contains information about the surrounding environment. On the other hand, the door is closed with a window film which can be activated upon request.

In the cabin that only accommodates two passengers, there is a 24-inch dashboard, as well as a 4-inch screen which all add to the conventional dashboard, and there is no steering wheel as usual.

The electric powertrain carried by the Smart Vision EQ Fortwo Concept is sourced from a 30 kWh battery. When not in use, the car will return to the charging station to recharge the battery.

This Concept Vehicle is the first Smart to come under the EQ brand. Daimler plans to release more than ten vehicle models by 2022.