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How to change Instagram password on iPhone

How to change Instagram password on iPhone - To change Instagram password on iPhone, you just need to follow the recommended steps to log back into your personal Instagram account. Before knowing the complete way, first consider the following description.

How to change Instagram password on iPhone

Instagram is one of the social media applications used by billions of people in various parts of the world. Currently, the photo and video sharing social networking service is under the parent company Meta (formerly Facebook).

Based on the Online Journal of FISIP Students Volume 4 Number 2 written by Meutia Puspita Sari, the term Instagram comes from the words "insta" and "gram". The word "insta" or "instant" is taken from the term polaroid camera which at that time was known as "instant photo".

While the word "gram" comes from the word "telegram" which is a tool to send information to other people quickly. Instagram can also upload photos using the internet network.

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How to Change Forgotten Instagram Password

According to the Instagram Help Center website, if you forget your Instagram account password, you can reset it using your email address, phone number, or Facebook account.

If you are unable to reset your password using this method, please open the Instagram app for further assistance.

How do I change my forgotten IG password using my email address, phone number or Facebook account?

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Here's How to change Instagram password on iPhone

  1. Open the Instagram app.
  2. On the sign-in screen, tap "Get help signing in" under Sign In.
  3. Enter your username, email, phone number, or tap "Sign in with Facebook".
  4. Tap "Next" and follow the on-screen instructions.
  5. On the login screen, tap “Forgot password” above the Login button.
  6. Tap "Username" or "Phone".
  7. Enter your email address, username, or phone number, then tap "Next".

How to Change Instagram Password - Refer back to the Instagram Help Center website page, if you want to change a remembered password, you can do so by requesting a password reset from the login page.

Or, if you want to change your password after logging in, you can change it through the settings menu. Here are the steps.

  • Tap the person's icon or select a profile photo at the bottom right to open the profile.
  • Then tap the three-line icon at the top right, then tap the gear icon (settings icon).
  • Then tap "Security", then tap "Password".
  • Enter the current password, then enter the new password.
  • Tap “Save or the tick icon on the top right.
  • Done