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How to check power supply in pc

How to check power supply in pc - Briefly, the function of the Power Supply is to supply power to the PC. Given the importance of this role, it is necessary to check regularly so that no problems arise, especially if the PC is often used for work or study.

How to check power supply in pc

Here's how to check a PC power supply with software that can be done easily:

1. How to check power supply in pc - Using AIDA64 Extreme Software

This software is popularly used and is commonly used to check various Power Supply problems on a PC, one of which is regarding power supply performance information. To get this information, please open the AIDA64 Extreme application. For the Indonesian menu from the main screen select "device" then from the several options that appear click "test system stability".

The AIDA64 system stability test pop-up will appear, at the top left corner of the "FPU Pressure" checkbox and leave everything blank. Then hit start and let the test run for a few hours while using the computer as usual. If the PC continues to work optimally, it means the PC and power supply are fine.

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2. How to check power supply of pc - Using CPUID Hardware Monitor Pro Software

This software version is a development of the classic version of HWMonitor which has been equipped with three new features. These features are remote training, graph builder, and an improved interface, which makes it more accessible and more detailed view. The size of this software is small and its use is very simple.

3. How to Check Power Supply on PC – with the CPUID Hardware Monitor Pro application

The application will automatically display the Power Supply on the PC. Data such as hard disk, VGA, temperature, internet speed, power supply and others. The data is displayed in real time, so users can directly monitor the voltage from the power supply whether it is still in the normal range or not.

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4. Using Open Hardware Monitor Software

How to check PC power supply with this software is very easy, so it is recommended for computer users who are not too advanced though. Although free, its function is not inferior to similar software. Features to monitor temperature, fan speed, voltage, and computer speed are presented in real time even with a simpler display.

To use it, just open the app, and the data will be displayed automatically. As with HWMonitor, the data display is fairly similar, except that there is no minimum data range. To monitor the condition of the power supply, just look at the data in the power section.