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How to use a debit card as a credit card

How to Use a Debit Card as a Credit Card - A debit card known as an ATM card is a type of card that can be used for banking transactions. Everyone's debit card number will certainly not be the same as a 16-digit number.

How to use a debit card as a credit card

Debit cards have the function of making payment transactions or cash withdrawals very easily through ATM machines. So it is very important for debit cards to have complete features that are used to maintain security in transactions for customers.

Debit Card Section Function - Debit Card Number Function To Maintain Customer Information Security. Debit card numbers are not the only security system on ATM cards. 

Here are some of the functions that can be found in each debit card section:

1. Number On Debit Card in Front

The card number consists of 16 digits located on the front and serves to show the identity of the card. Each digit of the number has its own meaning, here's an explanation:

• If the first digit is 4, it means the card is using the Visa network

• If the first number is 5, it means that the card uses the MasterCard network

• 5 digits after the first digit to indicate the identity of the card issuing bank

• The other 9 digits are the identity of the card owner.

2. Validity Date

Every debit card has an expiration date and it is usually on the front of the card. Before the card expires, the user must immediately go to the bank to replace the ATM card.

If you want to replace your ATM card for 3 months and the validity period has not expired, a replacement fee will be charged. However, if it is too late to change the card, you cannot use it to make any transactions.

3. Smart Chip Above Debit Card Number

In addition to having a card number available at an ATM, there is also a smart chip that must be kept safe when transacting. The chip stores all information about the owner's account which must be kept safe and confidential.

Smart chips function to prevent crime, especially skimming. Skimming mode is a crime committed by perpetrators who use cards using magnetic stripe technology.

4. Magnetic Line

Although the technology has begun to be abandoned, there are still some debit cards that use this old technology. Magnetic Stripe itself is part of a debit card in the form of a black ribbon and inside it stores customer information in the form of name, debit card number, expiration date and others. If the user's debit card uses a magnetic stripe, replace it immediately at the relevant bank office.

5. Watermark

Almost all types of debit cards are equipped with a watermark logo from the card network provider. For users who want to see the watermark need the help of ultraviolet light.

Debit cards use the visa network and usually have a watermark with the letter V. Meanwhile cards that have used the MasterCard network have the letters M and C.

6. Hologram at the top of the Debit Card Number

Every debit card or ATM card has a hologram which is very important to maintain security when making financial transactions. The hologram allows the merchant or shop to know the card for the transaction is genuine or fake.

7. CVV or CVC code on the back of the debit card

If you look at the back of the debit card, you will see a 3-digit number as the CVV or CVC code. Both have the same function, namely to confirm transactions that have been made by the user.

There is a difference that CVV is only used by cards that use the Visa network, while CVC is used by cards from the MasterCard network. So it is very important to maintain the security and confidentiality of the 3-digit number to provide protection against fraud attempts.

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Here's How to use a debit card as a credit card

In using a debit card to make payment transactions, you only need to press a PIN or Personal Identification Number at a store or shopping center. By pressing the green button and payment, you can directly transfer using the shop's EDC machine.

Here's how to use a debit card in offline store purchases:

1. Using PIN

It has been explained above that to make a payment, you must press a PIN. Be sure to double-check the value shown on the EDC machine screen and also make sure the amount deducted matches your purchase.

2. Using signature

In making non-cash payments, authorization is needed in addition to using a PIN, namely by signing. Although not all shops implement this payment method, in this case you will be asked for a signature that has been issued by the EDC machine.

However, you must also save the PIN on the EDC machine before loading the receipt. This method is more because you have to login first.

Distinguish between credit card and debit card

Debit card numbers are available in 16 digit numbers that have different uses. To find out more details, here are some uses of numbers on a debit card:

• Combination of encrypted algorithms into an identity that is made to distinguish one card from another. The algorithm on this registered card is to avoid counterfeiting on debit cards

• Creating a unique and different identity as a form of security against counterfeiting and banking crimes

• The series of numbers is made unique which serves to assist in the process of utilizing the validity of the debit card with the customer as the user

• The number listed on the debit card contains complete information in the form of the identity of the card issuer, use of currency, processing bank, and as account identity.