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Specifications Ford Raptor F150, Car Suitable For Offroad

The name Ford Raptor may already be familiar among car users around the world. Of the many car models released by Ford, the Ford Raptor is one that is quite popular.

Specifications Ford Raptor F150, Car Suitable For Offroad

Raptor Raptor is a type of pickup that is very popular with offroad lovers. This car has a body design that is bigger and more manly than the other series, namely the Ford Ranger.

Before choosing a Ford Raptor, there are probably a few things you need to know about its features, specifications, and price.

Following are the features and specifications of the Ford Raptor:

Ford Raptor F150 is the third generation of the Raptor series, has physical and interior capabilities that are not too different from the previous generation Raptor. Its features and specifications include:

1. Twin Turbocharged V6 engine power

The Ford Raptor F150 uses a twin turbocharged V6 engine capable of producing 450 horsepower (HP) and 510 pound-feet (691 Newton-meters) of torque. With this engine power, this car is able to go with a maximum speed of 189.9 km/hour.

2. The sound of a 'fierce' car engine

The car is equipped with an equally long exhaust pipe with a trombone loop and an active valve. This makes the engine sound more 'fierce', according to the tastes of car lovers.

This car is capable of pulling a maximum load of up to 8,200 pounds or 3,719 kg and withstand a maximum load of 1,400 pounds or 635 kg.

3. Ford Raptor Exterior

Then on the rear suspension, this Ford model gets a complete redesign by adopting five rear links, a long trailing arm and a Panhard trunk. The car is also equipped with 37-inch BFGoodrich All-Terrain KO2 tires, Fox shock absorbers in the 3.1-inch body, and 24-inch coil springs at all four corners. This car also provides a large wheel travel, which is 14.0 inches at the front and 15.0 inches at the rear.

4. The interior of the Ford Raptor

The interior of the Ford Raptor is taken from the Ford Mustang Shelby GT500 concept, namely carbon fiber trim and paddle shifters. The car is equipped with standard Ford Co-Pilot 360 technology, plus a 12-inch touchscreen with Sync 4 program, and all-digital instruments. On board pro power generator is also available with a capacity of 2.0 kw. In addition, this car is also equipped with several airbags at the front for the driver and passengers, on the front side of the passenger seat and on the side.

5. Ford Raptor price list

The specifications and features of this car are very capable. The price of the Ford Raptor may be more expensive than similar Ford car series. So, what is the price of this car model? The 2021 Raptor F150 is the latest series from the Ford Raptor which is planned to be sold in 2022. The price offered for this series is US $ 64,145. This price is higher than its marketed predecessor, the 2020 Supercrew Raptor, at US$ 56,440

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Ford Raptor Modification

Modifications for this model can be done simply by replacing the wheels with a 20-inch tire ring size.

This fits perfectly with the Raptor's muscular body kit, larger fenders, and satin silver skid plates, which already highlight this model's dashing side.

But if you want to make extreme modifications, you can imitate Pax Power by making a 2021 Ford Raptor F-150 with 770 HP power.

In addition to power, modifications were also made to the legs of this car so that it can play on extreme offroad paths. This modification cost US$ 18,950

In addition to the engine and the legs of the car, modifications can also target the vehicle body. As AddArmor does by providing Dyneema armored body protection.

The material used is a polycarbonate composite layer which is claimed to be 15 times stronger than ordinary steel and 40 times stronger than Kevlar.

With such modifications, the surface of the car is able to withstand bullet attacks, to bomb explosions.

Difference between Ford Raptor and Ford Ranger

The Ford Ranger and Ford Raptor are like brothers in the same double cab pickup. The most striking difference today can be seen from the front view of the car.

Branding on the Ford Ranger is still a blue oval logo with white Ford writing. While the Raptor F150 has a large front grille and there is a large Ford inscription.

In addition, the Raptor variant has more power and a more expensive price than the Ranger. The Raptor also has a larger car body than the Ranger.

Ford Raptor performance for offroad

The performance of the Ford Raptor F150 for offroad does not need to be doubted. This car seems designed to conquer all offroad terrain and become one of the popular offroad cars.

The reason is, this car is given a suspension that is designed to absorb the weight of a vehicle weighing 5,800 pounds or 2,630 kg when it hits the ground hard.

Specifications Ford Raptor F150, Car Suitable For Offroad

With the ability to use it, speed bumps or potholes on the highway will not be felt.

The interior features of this car are also equipped with double-glazed windows that are able to withstand the sound of the wind.

For the steel offroad mode is the most suitable travel mode to maximize the car on offroad terrain.

This mode adjusts and adjusts the offroad default settings, adjusts the ECU to provide a sharper gas valve response, and is able to force the transmission to hold the gear longer.