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Traction control light on and car wont start

Traction control light on and car wont start - If the traction control indicator light is on and the car won't start, it is usually indicated when the car is accelerating. Don't panic when this happens because you have to focus on stabilizing the steering wheel as best you can. The traction control system won't help you as much as it used to, so you have to be extra careful in these conditions. The best thing you can do is slow down and find a mechanic to solve this problem.

Traction control light on and car wont start

If the car you're driving is made in the last decade or so, it almost certainly has some sort of traction control system. What is traction control, and how does it work, how should you use it? Let's see here.

In the simplest terms, traction control is a feature of an electronic device that stops or limits wheel slippage. If we see a car chase scene in a film on television, it might be interesting. However, this 'acrobatic' show is not something you want to experience let alone in real life.

Without special skills, wheel rotation is not easy to control and can result in loss of control, especially on slippery road conditions that cause the wheels to spin wildly around corners.

In the UK this system has been known since 40 years ago, while in Indonesia this security system has not been known long enough. Well, to prevent this, a number of vehicle manufacturers in this modern era generally have installed traction control (traction control) on the vehicle security system.

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What is Traction Control and how does it work?

Traction control works by using wheel sensors (the same ones that detect locked wheels for the ABS anti-lock braking system) to identify when a wheel is turning more significantly than the other driven wheel.

The car's electronic control system will then take action to stop the wheels turning; how it works depends on how sophisticated and modern the car's traction control system is.

First, the computer installed in the car will reduce engine power slightly, which may make you feel like something is stuck. It has the same effect as the driver releasing the gas pedal, but the electronics can react faster than the best drivers, which is why traction control was banned from Formula 1.

This traction control will work if the sensor detects the presence of one or more wheels that are turning faster, and the traction control system will send a command to the brakes so that the faster spinning wheels will immediately slow down and have the same rotation. other wheels.

The benefits of traction control can be seen from the car stopping on an incline and the left or right rear wheel has a ground and when going backwards the car cannot run because the rear wheel is stuck, slippery and spins faster than the others. then the wheels on the asphalt can not turn because of the load.

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What should I do if the Traction control light is on and the car won't start?

Modern traction control systems work so quickly and smoothly that you won't even notice unless the Traction control light is on and the car won't start.

Traction control is a warning sign that the road is slippery, so you need to be extra careful. It can be snow and ice, oil on the road, or loose surfaces. However, if the ESP light on your vehicle flashes frequently when the road is wet or dry, it could be a sign that your tires need replacing.

However if the warning light stays on permanently, it means that something is wrong or the system is confused with the data it is receiving from the steering wheel.

Is there a traction control and a switch to turn it off?

There are some situations where traction control may not be desirable, such as when you are stuck in snow or mud. If all driven wheels lose grip and turn. In this situation, it may be best to turn off traction control and let the wheels spin and use your feeler.

While not all cars have a switch, on newer cars the option to turn it off may be hidden in an on-screen menu or part of a special 'race' mode.