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How to send money to PayPal from debit card

How to send money to PayPal from debit card - There are two ways to make a transaction through PayPal, namely through the balance in your PayPal account, and through a debit or credit card. Regarding PayPal accounts, you can send money through your bank account.

How to send money to PayPal from debit card

PayPal is one of the most popular online or online payment tools worldwide. In addition, payment transactions or remittances via PayPal are also claimed to have a high level of security and the confidentiality of account owner information is also well maintained.

It can be said that PayPal is an e-wallet or digital wallet that can be used for transactions between countries as long as both parties who make the transaction have the account. In addition, you can also receive money from other people who make transfers to you.

How to Fill PayPal Balance As explained earlier, one way to make transactions through PayPal is through the balance in the PayPal account itself.

To set a transaction method with a PayPal balance, if you are using the app on your mobile, you just need to open the app, go to 'Settings', then select 'Payment Preferences'. Meanwhile, through your computer, you can open 'Wallet' after logging in, under 'Payment Method', select your preferred payment method.

How to send money to PayPal from a debit card - You must first connect a credit or debit card or link a bank account before selecting the desired payment method.

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Here's how to link a bank account with an account to increase your PayPal balance:

Via computer Select Wallet after logging into your PayPal account Click 'Link bank account' Enter the required information Continue the process to completion - if with PayPal application Click 'Settings icon' Select 'Bank and Cards' Select +, then select 'Bank Account '. Fill in your detailed bank information, then click 'Add this Bank Account'.

After the process of adding a bank account is complete, you will be asked to confirm through your bank application. The next step is how to top up your PayPal balance from your bank account.

The steps to top up PayPal balance from your bank account are as follows: Click 'Wallet' Click 'Money Transfer' -> Click 'Add money to your balance' -> Select the bank account and the amount of funds you want to transfer Select 'Add' Transaction completed.