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Low-cost business ideas with high profit

Low-cost business ideas with high profit - The development of the online market and a fairly consumptive lifestyle have made business opportunities more wide open. For those of you who want to start a business, we have summarized 16 examples of small capital businesses with big profits that are worth a try.

Low-cost business ideas with high profit

There are various profitable businesses that can be done without large capital. Here are various business ideas with small capital that can be done at home:

  1. Beverage business
  2. Food business
  3. shuttle laundry service
  4. daily catering service
  5. overseas shopping service
  6. ornamental animals
  7. ornamental plant cultivation
  8. music instructor
  9. kids lesson
  10. birthday cake custom service
  11. babysitting service
  12. arts and crafts business
  13. local food dropship
  14. selling screen printing t-shirts
  15. carpet cleaning service
  16. old clothes repainting service

This is a cheap business idea with high profits

1. Beverage Business

You can sell old drinks such as lemonade, sarsaparilla, and various other carbonated drinks with modern packaging

2. Snack Business

For those of you who like to cook, unique snacks are examples of small capital businesses with big profits that you can try. You can offer foreign snacks menu

3. Laundry Shuttle Service

Both kilogram laundry services, express, to self-service are business ideas that do not use large capital. This business will be more potential if you are in a student or work environment. You can choose the type of laundry that does not require a lot of equipment.

4. Daily Catering Service

A small capital business that does not require a shop or storefront is a daily catering business. You can target consumers such as students, office workers, or more specifically, such as seniors and vegetarians

5. Overseas Shopping Service

If you have cross-border payment instruments, such as paypal and amazonpay, you can open a service to purchase goods from abroad.

6. Livestock Ornamental Animals

Ornamental farming is one of the home businesses with small capital that deserves attention. Starting from fish, rabbits, birds, and other animals that do not require a large space can be raised at home for resale online.

7. Ornamental Plant Cultivation

Ornamental plants always have consumers, whether they are bought for replanting or rented by a particular building or event. This business opportunity is one of the home business ideas, especially for those of you who like to take care of plants. For long-term efforts, you can take care of bonsai plants.

8. Music Instructor

Business ideas without capital but profitable can be started from non-academic skills, such as playing music. If you are not a professional, you can offer music lessons in a class that you are good at. This business certainly does not require capital at all.

9. Child Guidance

If you are a student, opening a tutoring service according to the field you are studying is an easy choice.

10. Birthday Cake Custom Service

Another example of a small capital business with big profits that young people can do is the service of making custom birthday cakes. Unique decorations in the form of funny characters on birthday cakes are increasingly in demand. The capital to open this custom cake service is not too large, because you are entitled to a down payment from the consumer.

11. Babysitting Service

In the midst of a lifestyle that requires both parents to have a career, childcare services are needed. This is not the same as a babysitter who has to look after 24 hours and prepare all equipment, including supervising children, as a babysitter you only need to accompany the child while the parents are working.

12. Crafts and Arts Business

The emergence of various marketplaces that allow you to sell various unique items, including works of art and crafts.

13. Local Food Dropship

If you live in a city that has typical food, you can use it as a profitable selling idea with small capital. You can invite cooperative producers to sell. Once you get a consumer, the manufacturer will ship the product to the consumer on your behalf.

14. Selling Screen Printing Shirts

With the capital of graphic design skills and online marketing, you can sell t-shirts with various screen printing designs such as bands or figures. First of all, you only need to display a t-shirt mockup, after the customer places an order, then you print the t-shirt on the screen printing entrepreneur.

15. Carpet Cleaning Service

One of the one million business capital that has not been widely looked at is carpet cleaning services. In fact, almost everyone is not able to clean the carpet in his house.

16. Old Clothes Repainting Service

Along with the popularity of saving or buying used goods, repainting used clothes is one example of a small capital business with big profits. Repainting in this case is not actually returning the clothes to a like-new condition, but rather giving decorations to make them more wearable.