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Top 10 most successful businesses to start

10 most successful businesses to start - There is a lot of small business inspiration you can take. However, not all of them are promising and worth trying. Therefore, here we provide 10 Promising Business Inspirations to Try in 2022:

Top 10 most successful businesses to start

One of the challenges people face when starting a business is confusion about what type of business they want to start. You may feel it too.

You are confused about how to start a business that many people have done. And confused how to make a business idea that is unique and acceptable to consumers.

If you face such difficulties, do not immediately be discouraged to start a business. Because there are several solutions to this problem. One way is to take business inspiration from other people.

Curious why the efforts above become a promising business inspiration? Here are the 10 most successful businesses to start with

  1. web agent
  2. Coworking space
  3. Culinary business
  4. Toys and baby gear rental
  5. Barber online
  6. Dessert
  7. coffee shop
  8. car rental
  9. pet shop
  10. B2B Market

1. Open a Web Agency

In short, a web agency is a business engaged in website creation services. Web agency is a promising business opportunity because more and more people want to have their own website. Especially businesses or organizations that want to increase brand awareness and reach more people.


  • Capital starting from IDR 0 makes the web agency a promising business.
  • A promising business opportunity because many people need a website today.
  • Can get clients from anywhere.

2. Opening the Coworking Space

The co-working space business is in great demand right now. No wonder the demand for co-working space is increasing by various groups. Especially by business people and startup activists who need a cheap place to work rather than renting their own office.

Anthology does not only function as a co-working space for businessmen or startup activists, you know. But there are also event spaces, cafes, to offer various interesting programs for its members.

These programs are rarely found in other co-working spaces and make Anthology unique. Well, that's why Anthology promotes itself as a collaborative active space. That is a place to exchange and share knowledge with people from various backgrounds. In this way, Anthology has potential customers who are not only limited to one segment.

Those of you who are interested in starting a co-working space business can take business inspiration from Anthology. They are a promising venture because they manage to combine several things—coworking spaces, cafes, event spaces, program offerings—and execute them perfectly.


  • Co-working space is a business that is in great demand. Especially by startup activists and business people.
  • Perfect execution. Not only conducive co-working with fast internet.
  • But also a comfortable cafe with an interesting menu, an event room that carries out various activities from small to large, as well as programs that increase knowledge for its members.

3. Running a Culinary Business

one example of a profitable selling business inspiration
The culinary business is endless because everyone needs to eat. However, to compete in this extremely tight market, you must dare to take a different step

4. Equipment and Toys Opening Service

Profitable small business inspiration for rent
The promised business idea is actually simple: rent out equipment and toys to parents so they don't have to. Brilliant simple idea because not everyone can afford expensive baby equipment and toys.

  • Market strategy. The baby equipment rental business is a new market that has not been widely looked at.
  • Instagram Marketing application with content that is pleasing to the eye, informative and has a cheerful impression.
  • Informative website. In addition to making it easier for consumers to rent,
  • The capital is not large, because at first you can use the equipment used for personal purposes. Suitable as a home business inspiration.
5. Open an Online Barber Service

Tangting Barber Home might be a unique business inspiration in this article, namely online barbering. Just by using the app, you can call the barber wherever you are.

Tangting Barber Home has succeeded in being the solution to various problems experienced by those who want to shave their hair. Some of them are like long lines of barbers or the classic problem of millennials, namely mager. So Tangting Barber Home has succeeded in turning hair into a practical and time-saving activity.

Tangting Barber Home is very good at implementing digital marketing strategies. Where in addition to having its own application, the Tang Ting Barber Home website also has quite complete features.

Starting from being able to place orders directly from the website, having a Google Map on the website, to implementing content marketing in the form of blogs and videos that discuss hair care.

6. Open a Coffee Shop

They like to sip a cup of coffee, while joking with friends or just doing homework. Which is the best place to do it if not in a cafe?

Therefore, the cafe business is growing rapidly and is filled with young people. In fact, it is predicted that the cafe's growth rate is the fastest in the world.

7. Opening a Car Rental Service

Car rental can also be a business inspiration that deserves to be looked at because it is more practical. Expensive car prices and various other additional costs make many people reluctant to buy their own.

In addition, the capacity of the car needed by people is also often different. Sometimes people just need a small car for family trips, sometimes a big car to carry a lot of people.

Well, this car rental service can be a solution to the problems above. No need to spend a lot of money to be able to use the car as needed.

This car rental is a good business and can be used as inspiration for a home business or inspiration for a side business for those of you who are employees. In fact, it does not require a large capital if you already have your own car.

  • A simple website, but contains the information consumers need.
  • Provide professional and experienced drivers. So that consumers can rest easy when renting a driver too. A more personalized ordering method.
9. Selling Ornamental Chicken

Selling ordinary ornamental chickens such as kate chicken or laughing chicken is common and there are many competitors. However, sales of ornamental chickens are still quite low. This is the inspiration behind the establishment of ornamental chicken

Selection of the right marketing strategy. The reason is, seeing the rare nature of this exotic chicken, there are still many who do not know it. If the public is educated, the opportunity to become a buyer can be greater.

10. Open Business to Business Market

The Business to Business (B2B) marketplace can still be counted on the fingers so that competitors are still quite quiet. However, this does not stop Joint Shopping from appearing different from implementing the Group Buying system.