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How to protect your credit card online

How to protect your credit card online - At checkout, you will definitely be asked to enter additional data and information to ensure that the credit card is really yours. When entering personal data, make sure the website address is correct and ensure the validity of the application or online shopping site so as not to become a victim of credit card hijacking.

How to protect your credit card online

It is undeniable, online shopping is now increasingly in demand because it is considered more practical and saves time. However, if you shop online using a credit card as a payment method, you should be careful.

Are you a credit card user? If so, you must be vigilant because currently cases of credit card piracy are rife. This crime is certainly very detrimental to users because credit card bills can suddenly swell even though the transactions made are not that big.

Credit card piracy can be done in two ways, namely online and offline. Go offline when your credit card changes hands so illegal transactions can be made. 

Here's how to protect your credit card online

Securing PIN and credit card information - Instead of using a PIN, many people prefer to use a signature when transacting with a credit card. Even though the use of a credit card with a signature is in fact more easily misused by irresponsible people.

In addition to the PIN, the information that you must secure is your full name, card number, validity period and CVV code located on the back of the card. One of the tips for securing this information is to use an anti-RFID Scanning wallet that functions to store your credit cards.

You should also be alert when there is an incoming call from the bank asking for your CVV number and card PIN. This is because one of the most common modes of fraud is to request information via email or telephone on behalf of the bank.

Activate the notification service from the bank via mobile - This method can also prevent you from being hijacked by credit cards online. By activating the notification service from the bank via your mobile phone, you can monitor credit card activity more transparently. So, every time there is a transaction, you will receive a notification from the bank via SMS notification.

If the notification feels odd, you can directly contact the bank to immediately block your credit card. This must be done so that the losses experienced can be stopped immediately. It is also important to contact the bank if you change your mobile number.

Use a private network when transacting - To avoid or prevent credit card hijacking, try using a private network when transacting. Because, if you use a free Wi-Fi connection, this will open up opportunities for irresponsible people to monitor or steal your credit card data, such as passwords.

Choose a credit card that uses a chip - For the security of using a credit card, we recommend using a credit card that is facilitated with chip technology. The chip contains all the information regarding your identity as a user and the identity of the credit card itself.

To find out if your credit card is equipped with chip technology, you can look at your credit card because usually the chip itself is black and is located on the back of the card.

Conclusion :

Living in an era where everything is easy, it makes it easier for other people to take other people's money. Therefore, we must always be vigilant when transacting online to avoid credit card piracy.